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Monday, November 14, 2005

Flow Closing Reception Nov 20

Flow: Navigating the Super Paradigm at Collaborative Concepts closes Nov 20

Closing Reception: Sunday, November 20th, 4 - 7pm
Exhibition walk-through and talk with participating artists.

Performance by Nelsons Electric Chair Cuts -

Nelsons "Electric Chair Cuts," satirizes the notion that we are all only a haircut away from possessing a sense of authenticity that distances us from the crowd. He straps a willing accomplice into a chair, and with a pair of amplified scissors attached by wires to a power-pack on his back, attacks the unruly mane of hair. By theatricalizing the "performance" of a haircut, Nelson suggests that the codes of individuality as filtered through fashion, are just that -- theater. In Nelson's knowing hands, the boundary between the external and the internal shed their dichotomous nature, becoming a single route to a reinvestigation of the self.

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