Thursday, June 29, 2006

Highland Studio is Moving.

Highland Studio, Beacon's resident print studio offering an array of digital services and archival printing for artists is moving from it's Main St. location to a temporary space at 14 N Chestnut in Beacon. Joe and Lisa expect to relocate into a new permanent location in Cold Spring in the Fall.
All contact info for Highland Studio remains the same, however, the phone number will change after the permanent move in the Fall.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I spy

We were at Dia this past Saturday to see some films, and caught a glimpse of Daniel Libeskind in the Ryman gallery.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Friday, June 23 7pm- Opening Reception at Spire Studios

Spire Studios in Beacon is hosting:
"Change of Altitude:
An exhibit of artists from EDGE Gallery in Denver, CO." June 23-July 16

Spire Studios in Beacon will be exhibiting the work of a group of Denver based artists as one half of an exchange between artists of Beacon, NY and Denver, CO. The Denver artists are all members of EDGE Gallery, an artist run contemporary gallery that has been a staple of the Denver art scene for 20 years.

The artwork of the Beacon artists working under the name Via Beacon will be on exhibit EDGE Gallery.

Both groups are working within the constraints of artwork that will compress to fit into a standard Postal Service flat rate box and then expand when installed in the gallery.

The concurrent Denver-Beacon exhibits will open on June 23 and run through July 16.

The exhibit at Spire Studios will open with a reception starting at 7pm on June 23. Hours for the exhibit will by Sat, Sun 12-6pm and by appointment.

Exhibiting artists include: Susan Berkley, Mark Brasuell, Jane Davis, Tim Flynn, Mark Guilbeau, Rian Kerrane, Jennifer Hope, Gayla Lemke, Joan Macdonald, Russell Bay McKlayer, Sara-Lou Klein McKlayer Ken Peterson, Peter Arcidiacono, Kimberly MacArthur Graham, Tom Robertson, Gail Wagner, Mala Setaram-Wolfe.

Change of Altitude:
An exhibit of artists from EDGE Gallery in Denver, CO.
June 23-July 16 2006
Opening reception: June 23, 7–10pm
Spire Studios
45 Beekman St, Beacon
Sat, Sun 12-5 pm
for more info: 914.844.6515,

Via Beacon artists participating in the Denver exhibit:

Chris Albert,
Vivian Altman
Charlotte Schulz
Kirsten Kucer
Claire Lofrese
Kathy Feighery
Lacy Fekishazy
Harald Plochberger
Sara Mussen
Elia Gurna
Gary O'Connor
Michael Natiello
Grey Zeien
Catherine Welshman
Simon Draper
Marnie Hillsley
Peter Iannarelli
Alexis Elton
Matt Kinney
Linda Stewart

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Around town today

There has not been much time for typin' on the computer machine for me lately.

A couple of quick things:

Tony Moore will be giving a talk at bau this afternoon at 4pm. If you miss it today, there is another talk scheduled for July 1.

Yesterday's POJO ran a story on the current exhibit of artwork done by artists working at the Tallix, Arcos and Polich founderies at the Howland Art Center.

Dia's Film Series continues today with:
Ken Jacobs and Bob Fleishner
Blonde Cobra, 1963
Andy Warhol
The Velvet Underground and Nico, 1966
Camp, 1965
Andrew Meyer/Victor Hock
Match Girl, 1966
[Total running time: 2hrs., 38 min.]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The artists participating in the Via Beacon exhibit in Denver Colorado caused a rush of unusual traffic at the Beacon Post Office on Saturday as they mailed off their artwork in USPS flat rate priority boxes before the deadline. As I approached the counter with my box, the woman asked me "Is that box going to Denver?" I said yes, and she continued, " I don't know what's going on, but something is up with these boxes."

EDGE Gallery, an artist run space in Denver, is hosting the exhibit of Beacon area artists. The work of the Denver will be on exhibit at Spire Studios. The Denver and Beacon exhibits will run concurrently from June 23 to July 16. The opening reception at Spire will be held on Friday, June 23 starting at 7pm.

Last night and today

Well, last night was Second Saturday. Van Brunt was the only place I managed to hit early in the day. I think the show is a nice gathering of the works of Richard Butler, Catherine Welshman, and Scott Daniel Ellison in the particular and odd way each treats narrative and figure in his/her work. I find this presentation of Butler's work more concise and effective that his VB show from last year.

A group of us headed out to Ridgefield CT last night for an artist's mixer at the Aldrich. I hadn't been since befor the addition was finished and it is a remarkable space. There's a great selection of work there right now, from a Kiefer installation to an exhibit of Damien Loeb to a selection of regional artists including Mary Temple and Michael Zansky.

Beacon artist, Charlotte Schulz was there last night. She is scheduled to have an exhibit at the Aldrich in sometime 2008.

Events on today's agenda include a Reading by John Ashbery at 2pm at Dia:Beacon.
I'll be in Peekskill today. Peekskill's annual open studio tour continues until 5pm.
There's a reception at HVCCA for Artist in Residence, Itziar Barrio. Itziar is showing work done while in Peekskill over the last two months. After the reception, the museum is hosting a discussion on spirituality and art in connection with the current exhibit Reverence.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Leonard Freed to give talk at Van Brunt Gallery

Photographer Leonard Freed will be giving a talk on Saturday June 3 at Van Brunt Gallery in connection with his current exhibit at the gallery. The talk starts at 4pm.