Saturday, August 26, 2006

Richard Bruce on Long Island

Richard Bruce is having an exhibit of recent paintings at the Karin Sanders Fine Art, in Sag Harbor, NY. This show will run from Sept. 2 thru Oct. 26, and there will be an opening reception on Sept. 2 from 6-8pm.

Richard also has a show coming up coming up shortly at the Beacon Institute.

Friday, August 25, 2006

In today's Poughkeepsie Journal

Today's POJO has two Beacon art related items.

In today's installment of her weekly column, Kathleen Weresynzki Murray focuses on the Jill Freedman photography exhibit at Wild Wood Gallery.

Elsewhere in the paper, Murray reports on the filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by The Beacon Cultural Foundation, and how the reorganization may affect Bulldog Studios and its tenants.

Times reviews Agnes Martin at Dia:Beacon

Holland Cotter reviews Dia's most recent installment in the series of exhibitions of Agnes Martin's paintings in the NYTimes today.

Heavy in lead are the offerings at Dia:Beacon. The review's headline: "A Series of Lines in Pencil, Leading to a Realm of Joy," might just as well apply to the newly completed Sol LeWitt wall drawing.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Call for entries for Go North's Inaugural exhibit

GO NORTH - A Space for Contemporary Art

469 Main Street

Beacon, NY 12508

Contact: Karlos Carcamo (347) 531-6111; Gregory Slick (917) 576-0187; Gallery e-mail:;


NEW BEACON ART GALLERY TO OPEN SEPTEMBER 16, 2006—Featuring 100 Live 100 Works, a group show of index card-sized works on paper

Karlos Carcamo and Gregory Slick are pleased to announce the grand opening of their new gallery, GO NORTH - A Space for Contemporary Art, located at 469 Main Street in Beacon, NY. GO NORTH is the latest addition to the Hudson River towns’ vibrant art scene, which includes such notable venues as Dia:Beacon, Van Brunt Gallery, Max Protetch, BAU, and Yellow Bird Gallery. The gallery's aim is to further enhance the cultural life of Beacon through group exhibitions, individual artist projects, and site-specific installations.

GO NORTH’s grand opening will be held on Saturday, September 16th, with a reception for the artists from 6 to 9 pm, and will feature an open invitational group exhibition titled 100 Live 100 Works. The artworks will be on index card-sized paper, made by 100 artists, many of whom live in the Hudson Valley. All work on view will be sold on a first come basis until September 24th.

After September 24th, GO NORTH will be closed briefly for renovation and installation of its first solo artist show, opening October 14th, 6 to 9 pm. Regular business hours commence with the October show: Friday to Sunday 12 to 6 pm, and by appointment.

Artists interested in participating in GO NORTH’s inaugural exhibition should contact either Karlos Carcamo or Gregory Slick at Work can also be dropped off at World’s End Books, located at 474 Main Street, Beacon, NY (Thursday to Monday 11:30 to 6 pm). To be included in the exhibition all work must be on index card-sized paper (4” x 6”), with the title of the work and artist’s name, phone number and/or e-mail address printed clearly on the back. Only one submission per artist.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brandon Ballengee gives artist talk at The Beacon Institute, Aug 26 4pm

Brandon Ballengee "Cleared and Stained Sturgeon"
on view in the storefront of the Beacon Institute through Sept 10.
Windows On Main Street Presents:
A talk by participating artist Brandon Ballengee.

This Saturday August 26th, @ 4pm
The Beacon Institute of Rivers & Estuaries, 199 Main Street, Beacon, NY

Brandon Ballengee’s work attempts to blur the already ambiguous boundaries between environmental art and ecological research. When initiating a project he often solicits technological or theoretical information from field biologists, or zoological organizations. In other cases, Brandon has collaborated with scientists to create a work. As an artist involved in wildlife preservation, global disappearances of biodiversity is both a concern and a focus.
Earlier Earth/Eco artists such as Betty Beaumont, Agnes Denes and the Harrisons have influenced Ballengee’s approach towards nature. Likewise it is inspired by the political philosophies of Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School.
Ballengee is probably best known for attempting to breed an extinct species of frog back into existences and a series of, "Dioxin Drawings," painted with pollutants found in waters around the state, and distilled down into a sludge of dioxin, PCPs, petrochemicals, etc., which he then used as his paint medium. The images he paints suggest the human skeleton, which is where the artist says these pollutants come to reside in our bodies.
Headquartered on the Hudson River in the City of Beacon, in Dutchess County,
New York, The Beacon Institute's mission is to create a global center for interdisciplinary research and education for the study of rivers and estuaries and the central role they play in the lives of nearly every living creature on this planet.
Its work will proceed from many platforms – out on the water, in an education and resource center, in a state-of-the-art laboratory, within the scientific and academic community and through ongoing collaborations with partners. Its plans are continuing to evolve, with future designs for satellite facilities along the Hudson and elsewhere. With a team of scientists, educators, engineers, historians and other experts, The Beacon Institute will become a center for excellence in the study of rivers and estuaries and a bold voice for policies and practices to benefit waterways and society alike.
For further information please contact The Beacon Institute at or (845) 838-1600. Windows On Main Street is sponsored by The Beacon Arts Community Association and Dutchess County Arts Council. Refreshments will be served.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

WOMS2006 update

I've been recovering from the post Windows preps so I haven't had a chance to begin posting images and artist info from the project onto the WOMS blog, but I will commence shortly.

There will be a walking tour of the Windows on Main St. exhibit at 4pm today. We will be gathering at the Muddy Cup at 129 Main St. The tour is free, and everyone is welcome to join.

Next Saturday: In Connection with the Windows on Main St project, The Beacon Institute will be hosting an artist talk by Brandon Ballengee. Information will be posted shortly, so please check back.

Heading further North

Carol March has curated an exhibit of inkwash drawings by Jake Berthot, which will be on exhibit at the Kleinart/James Art Center through August 31.

Though not a Beacon Artist, Peter Acheson is a friend to the Beacon Artist. Acheson's most recent attempts to create complete sentences in the medium of painting are on view at A D D Gallery in Hudson NY, also through August 31.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Go North!

This in from Karlos Carcamo:

Aug 15, 2006

Dear All,

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support that I have so far received and to all the great artists who exhibited their work at Parasite Art Space. I will be closing down the gallery at the end of the current exhibition (Sept 10th). Please stop by and take a look.

Many thanks to Mark Roland of the Iron Fish Trading Company for allowing me the opportunity to establish this unique venue for creative expression. Fortunately, this is not the end of my curatorial interests but the beginning of a new venture.

Along with Gregory Slick, I will be launching a new project space at 469 Main Street, across the street from the Carl Van Brunt Gallery. Our aim for this space is to enhance the cultural life of Beacon through group exhibitions, individual artist projects and site specific installations. I hope you are able to stop by our grand opening sometime in September.

Best regards,
Karlos Carcamo
BEACON, NY 12508

Sponsored by Beconstruction, Inc

For almost a year and a half, Parasite has consistantly stood as the most thoughtful and interesting exhibition space in Beacon. Silently nestled away from the street in the back of Iron Fish Trading Co., the small space has been exactly what its name states; an organism of art that, with the will, and a willing host, has created a cultural life within the cracks of everyday Beacon. Regardless of the show, I've always been rewarded with a sense of discovery by the contents of the room after threading through Iron Fish. Karlos Carcamo has packed more oomph in that brilliantly constrained joint than any other space in Beacon. A few of the recent exhibits that stand out are the inspiring installation of drawings, notes and studio paraphernalia by Charlotte Schulz, the elegant and spare exhibit of paintings by Joan Mellon, and the show of text based work, curated by Greg Slick. The programming in the space has offered a stimulating mix of work by artists from New York, and those who live and work in Beacon, giving a platform to view the explorations that are going on here in our home, and adding the context of a broader view. The limitations of the space, (approx. 8'x8') have done much to shape the character of the exhibits and they impose a requirement that installations be focused in vision and content. I'm pleased that Karlos and Greg are moving into a similarly small location for the Go North, as I'm sure it will demand a level of rigor that will characterize their activities going forward.

Karlos is a friend, and we've worked together on the Windows project. I sincerely appreciate his ideas and I admire his vision, focus and energy to initiate activities and projects that enhance the creative life in Beacon and beyond. His ability to face difficulties with a cool calm, adapt to a new situation, and move along in a new direction without qualm are inspiring. I've only seen him crack once...ok, twice, on his wedding day. A fine example of his ability to shift was seen at the first exhibit at Parasite, which was originally slated to be held in the Ritz theater in Newburgh. After a series of issues with the fire marshall, and fearing more complications once the show was open, Karlos, at the last minute, moved the work of the 20+ artists, and install it in Parasite and the basement and back portions of Iron Fish and made it work.

This post is not an excercise in blowing smoke up Karlos' hoohaa.
I think the work he has done at Parasite has been valuable if not entirely visible, and this new venture with Greg, whose Quinn the Eskimo events have been loose, lively and fun will offer more visibility, and wider reach.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Holy Cow

There have been two topics that have been floating around over the past couple of weeks that have had folks asking how much each other knows about them. The first topic revolves around the charges of animal cruelty against Sandy Saunders, and whether the charges would or should have any effect on the sculpture project that the Collabortive group is putting together on Saunders' land in Garrison NY. The Second topic that has come to the fore regards the possible fate of the Beacon Cultural Foundation, and how that may affect Bulldog Studios, and the tenant artists with workspace therein.

As to topic #1, The sculpture project at Saunders' farm is on, and scheduled to open on Sept 2. The group has set up a website with information on the exhibit. As far as I have heard, the group has not had any comment on the incident involving Saunders.

In regard to topic #2, I have no definite information to share. I've only heard broad speculation as to the future of BCF, and some anxiety about the certainty existing leases will continue to be honored. I imagine, and hope, that the current state of affairs will be made clear for those with workspaces at Bulldog.
If anyone would like to share thoughts or info on these or any other pressing topics, feel free to coment.

2nd Saturday revisited.

Kevin Stapp at Parasite

The Sidewalks lining Beacon's Main St were majorly full of people moving from one location to another for 2nd Saturday events. By all accounts, the number of people that came out was exceptionally high. As usual, there were openings happening at all the galleries. I was on the street, but unfortunately, did not make it many places.

The first of the receptions we held for the Windows Project was quiet, but we dovetailed the 2nd Windows reception, with the end of the Living Artists of Beacon reception at Muddy Cup which is where many folks ended up after the galleries closed. After Muddy Cup closed, some people headed over to Max's on Main to finish the evening.

I'm disappointed that I was not able to make it down to Zahra's to meet the artists gathered for the non graffiti graffiti show, but Dakin Roy, our man on the scene, described the vibe as "chill," and the show drew a wholly different crowd to the area.

Vivian Altman opened an exhibit of recent paintings at bau. Parasite opened its final show with work by Keven Stapp. Van Brunt's new exhibit features paintings by Norm Magnusson, photos by Melanie Einzig, and sculpture by Chris Meyers.

Chris Meyers' work at Van Brunt Gallery

Kathleen Murray's column in the Poughkeepsie Journal's August 18th Enjoy section served as a quick review of Saturday's events.

I also want to mention that Jen Bradford has new paintings up at Chthonic Clash. Gallery 475/Backroom Gallery has a figurative group show, and Wild Wood Gallery has a show of photography by Jill Freedman.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Windows On Main St. opens August 12

Dakin Roy, Sonia Roy
"For The Love of Ivy"
@ Relic, 484 Main St

The Windows on Main St project opens Saturday with 29 Beacon businesses hosting artwork and installations in their windows.
There will be 2 opening receptions on Saturday:
The first will be at Chthonic Clash, 453 Main St. from 6-8pm, then continue at The Muddy Cup, 129 Main St, until 11pm.
The images here are of a few of the windows. there will be more images, and artist information here, shortly.

Kirsten Kucer
"La Cortina De Tortilla"
@ Mexi Fruits Market, 346 Main St.

Karen Ostrom
"Window Pain"
@ The Framery/ For Gilded Paws, 480 Main St.

"Living Artists of Beacon" at Muddy Cup

The Muddy Cup, and bau are presenting the 1st Annual Living Artists of Beacon Exhibit. The exhibit, juried by local artist, and author, Mia Barkan Clarke, and artist, and Senior Administrator of Dia:Beacon, Jennifer Mackiewicz. There will be a reception at the Muddy Cup from 6-9pm

The participating artists are:

Shirley Botsford, Nancy Catandella, Michael D'Antuono, Kate Daly, John Fasulo, Mary Ann Glass, Erin Kaleel, Kirsten Kucer, Sara Pasti, Roseann Petrie, Stacey Ward Kelly, Sharon Watts, Catherine Welshman.

The Muddy Cup will be hosting an opening Reception from 6-9 for the exhibit. --Don't forget that the reception for the Windows on Main St. will move from Chthonic at 8pm, and migrate over to the Muddy Cup, and keep things going until 11 pm.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Preview at Zahra's Studio

I was running around last night, taking pictures of the some of the pieces in the Windows On Main St, and I stopped into Zahra's Studio. Keith's next show is "Non Graffiti Graffiti Writers Show," and is featuring graffiti writers from around the country. The show includes work by: Tupher, Vatoe, Steps, Dever, Dement, Troph, Imitation Crab Meat, and 78. I don't know who's work was what as there was no information available when I stopped in.
I'm fond of different applications in the graffiti form, and I dig the feel of this show. One thing I find that Zahra does in many of his exhibits is give you some small, fresh bit of weirdness to covet, and I can see that happening for me with this show.

NGGWS at Zahra's Studio opens this Saturday, Aug 12 and runs through Aug 31. The reception on Saturday will be held from 6-11pm.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Art Auction seeks donations

Planned Parenthood of Newburgh will be holding an art auction fundraiser on October 22, 2006. If you are interested in donating a piece for the auction, email Vivian at

The last week of Anxious Objects

This is the last week to catch Anxious Objects, a juried exhibition at the Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz. The exhibit is a survey of work in"craft media" by Hudson Valley artists. Sydney Cash whose wall pieces have been shown at Van Brunt, and jewelry carried at Hudson Beach Glass is included in the exhibit, as is Gary O'Connor. Anxious Object is on exhibit through Aug 13 in the museum's west wing.