Friday, September 28, 2007

Lettin' the Juices flow: Drunken Art at bau, Sept 29

Bar-Toons by Harrod

"Back in that day [the '50's and '60's] there were 37 bars in Beacon, 28 of them on or near the East Main Street/Main Street corridor..." (from Jack Sine's article, "Miro's Closes - The End of an Era" Beacon Dispatch, Feb, 2006)

The Museum of Drunken Art (MODA) will be exhibiting its collection of drunken art at bau from Sept 29 - Oct. 7. There will be an opening reception on the 29th from 6-9pm.
Here's the press release:

In celebration of the Spirit of Beacon, (MODA) The Museum of Drunken Art is please to announce that its vast holdings of drunken art are coming to Beacon. A combination of drawings, paintings, mixed media, and sculptural work will be showcased. The museum's collection will be on view from Sept 29th – Oct 7th, 2007.
The Museum of Drunken Art was founded by museum director and curator Peter Teraberry as a venue for the display of uninhibited creativity while under the influence of alcohol. Based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the MODA collection includes drawings made on a host of materials including napkins, found paper, and cardboard, to more elaborate three dimensional sculptural displays.
The MODA collection includes work by: Enoch Emory, Ben Shambaugh, Tom Smrtic, Donald O'Finn, Katie Welty, Sam Crees, Nate Walker PFC, Timothy Miller, Justin Kase, Fred Mc Fate, Peter Teraberry, Some Professor from Pratt, Clayton Vogel-dreck, Shane Caffrey from the collection of Clay Vogel, Paula Bollers, Timothy Harrod, Damien Leibold, Alex Bell, Greg Henderson, Chris Beams, Anthony R. Toe, Ross, Maurice Lester, Rust Post, Scott Harder, Gregg Samosa, Bon Scott, N. E. Vretta, J. Otto, and Fred Thompson.
In addition, one wall in the gallery will be left empty for Beacon donations to the MODA
collection! For further information and samples of the work on view please visit
The MODA collection is brought to you by Beaconstruction, Inc, helping to support and enhance the cultural life in Beacon through creative cultural endeavors in what ever form they dictate. Special thanks to museum director/curator Peter Teraberry for amassing such a great collection and to BAU artist Gary O’Conner for allowing us the use of the space.

bau - beacon artist union 161 Main Street Beacon, New York, 12508 Gallery Hours, Sat/Sun 12 - 6 pm & by appt. T 845 440 7584

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beacon Art Salon update

The folks at the Beacon Art Salon are planning its second city-wide open studio event to be held on Saturday, December 8, and they are looking for artists interested in participating as well as assisting in the preparations . If you're interested in more information, visit or join the BAS yahoo group.

BAS's monthly meetings are now happening on the First Thursday of every month from 7-8:30 at Chthonic Clash. The next meeting will take place on Oct. 4.

PS. there is an open studio sign making party on Oct. 14 at 1pm. info on this is also on the yahoo group.

"Art as an Impetus for Successful Re-Development", A panel discussion at HVCCA

On Friday, Oct 5 at 6pm, HVCCA in Peekskill will be hosting a panel discussion called "Art as an Impetus for Successful Re-Development."

Speakers on the panel include Maider Bilbao Echeverria (HVCCA's Summer '07 Artist-In-Residence), Linda Lees (Founder of Creative Cities International), and Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz (Art Consultant & Director of Works of Art for Public Spaces).
HVCCA's website:

Since the clean up of the Hudson River began in earnest some years ago, many
river towns have struggled with regaining economic stability. Areas dependent on
forms of production that were not considered environmentally hostile closed,
creating pockets of unemployment and resultant urban blight. Artists have
historically moved into struggling areas as affordable economic sites. They have
beautified locations left abandoned by others, creating communities that are
exemplars of the potential of rejuvenation. Many towns and communities along the
Hudson River can be seen as case studies for the successes and failures of this
transformative trend. Urban centers from Chelsea to Yonkers, Ossining,
Peekskill, Haverstraw, Tarrytown, Beacon, Poughkeepsie and Hudson, to name just
a few, are experiencing a revival through envisioning their communities as
artists' havens and locations for museums and arts organizations.

The city of Bilbao in the Basque area of Spain will be discussed as a model that has
experienced enormous economic and community revitalization (now commonly
referred to as the "Bilbao Effect") through the arts and, in particular, the
establishment of the Guggenheim Bilbao, a museum complex that is a locus for
international tourism.

HVCCA Members: $7.50
Non-Members: $10.00
Students: $5.00

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sept 29, Dia:Beacon Gallery Talk: Liz Kotz on Max Neuhaus

On Saturday at 1 pm Dia:Beacon's monthly Gallery Talk will host Liz Kotz, Assistant Professor of History of Art at the University of California, Riverside who will give a lecture on Max Neuhaus. To reserve a space for the lecture, call 845.440.0100 ext. 44.

Note: Dia:Beacon will be closing at 2pm that day, Saturday Sept 29 for a special event.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bulletin Board:

The Beacon Halloween Fest invites artists to participate in the Jack O'lantern event, and parade:

The Jack O’ Lantern Fest is an event in which artists, families, and locals of all kinds are invited to come and carve a great creation from pumpkins! We are hoping as many artists as possible come, carve a pumpkin and light it up as the sun goes down to create a grand spectacle of

We will have about 50 medium sized pumpkins for sale but anyone is welcome to bring a pumpkin or pre-carved Jack to the event.

A contest will be held to judge the best pumpkins in the child and adult categories. Only pumpkins that are carved at the event will be judged.

Refreshments and desserts will also be sold at the event. All proceeds to towards more and better holiday events for next year so come show your support!

Date and Time and other info:
Saturday October 27th from 3pm until just after dusk where we will light ‘em
up! Candles will be supplied but we ask that you bring your favorite carving
tool. Beacon Art Supply has some great tools that make great carvers!

As a side note we welcome all artists to create a float for this year’s Halloween Parade.
For more details visit: We hope to see you there!

Beacon Community Center seeks artists for Senior Activities Program.
Program director, Jennifer Kurtz wants to broaden the selection projects in different media, and is looking for artists willing to volunteer to teach a 1-2 hour course. For more on how to volunteer, call the center at 845-831-6180.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gary O'Connor at bau

Gary O'Connor, Steve Rossi, Peter Iannarelli and Gary Jacketti discuss Gary O's piece.

The TnA Critique group headed over to bau last night to discuss Gary O'Connor's installation currently on view there.
Sara Mussen and Gary Jacketti

Reflections from the aluminum piece on the gallery walls.

An element shared between Gary's current aluminum piece and the pot scour curtain he installed at bau in April of 2006 is the residual pattern of light, shadow and reflection on the walls of the gallery.

Gary O'Connor in the shadow of his installation at bau, April 2006.

photo by Harald Plochberger.

Gary's installation will be deinstalled earlier than is usual. The piece will be on exhibit through. Sept. 23.
Opening on Sept 29 at bau will an exhibit of the collection of the Museum of Drunken Art. Karlos Carcamo is arranging this special engagement with MODA Director, Peter Teraberry. Stay tuned for more information, and info on how to submit your own work of inebriation to the show.
Also, expect info on the special preview screening of the PBS series Art 21, Season 4 on the weekend of Oct. 6 & 7 to be hosted at bau.

Get into the Spirit. ChopChop.

The Spirit of Beacon Parade is coming up in little more than a week, (Sept 30, in fact) and here's what you need to know, from Jill Reynolds:

The group that brought you "The New Hudson River School" award-winning Spirit of Beacon Day 2004 parade entry, aka the "fish float," invites you to be a part of this year's entry: "Building a Better Beacon." Come as your favorite tool! The choice of tool does not have to be limited to hand tools-- powertools and implements from whatever your trade is are welcome as well, anything that fits in with the idea of "Building a Better Beacon." Kitchen implements, art studio gear, tech gadgets, etc. Also materials would be appropriate, e.g. a brick, a bag of flour, a can/tube of paint, etc. And speaking of materials, anything you want to make it out of is fine. The main thing is that it be recognizable as whatever object you're trying to portray. Differences in scale between tools is okay. This is an open invitation. Please SPREAD THE WORD to whomever youthink might be interested. The more the merrier. Also other floats/marchers are to be enthusiastically encouraged, e.g. there is talk of maybe a tree stump contingent forming (on thetheme of creating a worse Beacon...). Anyone who wants to register a float to be in the parade should call Roy Ciancanelli at 845-831-3027 ASAP. The Spirit of Beacon Day is Sunday Sept 30. The parade is scheduled to begin around 12:30 (based on past experience; will get confirmation on exact time later). Rain date is the following Sunday. Our official "Building a Better Beacon" registration form will be arriving in the mail shortly. For any who are interested, want to jump-start their parade costume, have an idea but are not sure how to go about it, there will be a
Expertise and free advice on costume-building will be available, as well as free electricity and cheery communal spirit. If you think you might want to participate please call or e-mail ( so I have some idea of how many to expect. We will have some tools but please bring whatever tools and materials you have as well, including but not limited to:

Alternative Reading: Bill Erlich as Beacon's Saviour?

In the middle of the Summer, in the span of two weeks, I had as many conversations with two people and the topic ran to the development of Beacon as a viable art mecca in the wake of the opening of Dia:Beacon. Each person, active in the arts, one of them more closely involved with the machinations here in town, and the other a knowledgeable viewer from a more distanced position spoke about Erlich as Beacon power broker, and his role in potentially taking up all the oxygen in Beacon's redevelopment potential by swallowing up much of the viable, properties.
Of the planned projects that have been widely known and which have fallen through, and at least one I recently learned about which - could have been rather interesting and which had also fallen through
So here's an alternative take on the strain of thought that Ehrlich's property hoarding choked off the potential for a robust rebound in Beacon's fortunes;  What if Bill Ehrlich's actions, and those of his company, Beacon Terminal Associates, actually helped prevent an even faster frenzy of development that may have had unintended, unfavorable consequences?  What if the Beacon's economic revival/redevelopment, though slower and drawn out, turns out to be more organic, and sustainable for the long run?
Just a thought.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gatherings tomorrow night

The Beacon Art Salon meets Tuesday, Sept 18 at 6pm at Chthonic Clash.

Later, at 7:30, the monthly critique group will meet at 7:30 at Spire Studios. I'll have a few small things to discuss and get feedback on, then we're planning to head over to bau to discuss Gary O'Connor's installation.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Size Matters: XXL opens at HVCCA this weekend.

HVCCA's next major exhibit opens on Sunday Sept 16. Size Matters: XXL features recent large scale paintings. This exhibit follows Size Matters: XS another exhibit including paintings on a very small scale which continues through Nov.
A reception for Size Matters: XXL and Animal Spirit, an installation by current artist in residence, Maider Bilbao Echevarria will be held Sunday afternoon at 4pm. In addition to the openings there are a series of events for the whole family begining at 11 am. visit HVCCA' website for more info.

Monday, September 10, 2007

CHI: 9 Latin American Artists at Ann Street Gallery

Alejandro Dron is curating the Ann Street Gallery's second exhibit, CHI: 9 Latin American Artists.
The exhibit open on Saturday, Sept. 15 and runs through Oct. 27. There will be a reception from 6-9pm on Saturday.
There will also be a gallery talk held on October 21 at 2pm given by Eugene Cuttica called "The Art of Chi."
The Ann Street Gallery is located at 104 Ann St. in Newburgh.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I think they call that a CONVOY

Charlotte Schulz, An insufficiency in our screens: our hurt sang back to mlk when the
incompossible appeared. 2006 charcoal on paper 29” x 80”

Among the current offerings at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield CT. is an exhibit of Charlotte Schulz's work. The exhibit titled "An Insufficiency in Our Screens" opened at the museum on August 25 and will be continue through June 2008.
An opening reception will be held on Sunday, Sept 16 from 3 to 5 pm.

From the press releas for the exhibit:

This exhibition will feature a collection of two- and
three-dimensional charcoal drawings that invite the viewer to explore strange
composite architectural spaces in which dreams blend with memory and reality.
Fragments of buildings are tethered together, and interior unfolds into exterior
and back again. Thespaces she renders appear to be unpopulated, allowing the
viewer to easily step in as protagonist.
Charlotte's exhibit "Object Lesson: Drawings & Notebooks" at Parasite in December of 2005 is among my favorite installations ever. There are pictures of the installation on Charlotte's website here. Included with some full scale drawings, was a mass of of sketchbook pages, books and writings in a sort of invocation of Charlotte's working process. I distinctly remember how tiny and dense her writing was. Now that I'm thinking of it. I'm really kicking myself for not buying one of the digital repros of the working sketches and notes. I had intended to do so and didn't - damn it. Unfortunately, it seems that I did not take any photos of the exhibit

It seems we'll be organizing a small regatta of vehicles to head out to the opening. If you're interested in carpooling, shoot me an email and we'll make arrangements.

Sept. 8 Second Saturday Openings

This is what I know of thus far:

Rachel Abrams, "Neologisms" at Go North, 6-9pm
Colin Barclay, Eline Barclay and Robert Brush at Van Brunt Gallery, 6-9pm
"Interpreting Beacon" Group Show at Chthonic Clash, 453 Main St, 5-8pm
Robert Ferrucci, "Vanishing Landscape" at RiverWinds Gallery, 5-8pm
Ron Haviv at Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery, 4-8pm

Ron Haviv's Photographs at Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery

Fovea's next exhibition, opening Sept 8, will feature "The Children of Darfur," photographs by Ron Haviv.
War photojournalist Ron Haviv's images stand as important witness to the
suffering of the children caught in the conflict in Darfur.

A reception will be held at Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery, 143 Main St from 4-8pm.

The following day, Sunday Sept 9, a panel discussion titled "The New Citizen Photojournalism" will be held from 11-12:30 at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, 59 Tinker St, Woodstock.
Robert Stevens, former photo editor at TIME magazine, moderates a
discussion on the empowerment of individuals to tell their own stories and how
this is impacting the field of professional photojournalism.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

TnA Critique Session, September 18

The next Critique Session will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 starting at 7:30 at Spire Studios.
In an effort to ease the planning for the sessions, a schedule stretching a couple of months in advance has been set up.
Beginning in Oct, the session will meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Spire Studios will be the default meeting place, but as always, the session can be moved elsewhere as needed.

the upcoming critique dates are as follows:
Sept 18.
Oct 9.
Nov 13.
Dec 11.

I'll be posting the schedule and any updates in the sidebar. If you know you'd like to talk about your work at a future session, contact Sara, (the sooner the better) at


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I'd been meaning to redesign the blog. this is as good a time as any. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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