Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"The Go North Gallery's Guide to Debauchery for the Impoverished Sophisticate" or "Dancing with the Dunkin Green Fairy"

My goal for maykr has always been that it serve as an artcentric resource for the community and visitors of Beacon. To that end, on this end of two thousand and eight, we offer a photographic tutorial on pampering your inner dandy (courtesy of Greg Slick). In a gesture befitting the art scene of late 19th Century Paris, Greg served up absinthe in a 21st Century improvised version of the bohemian favorite at an opening in August.
Happy New Year.
Be well and don't be dumb.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hermitage kicks off the new year with film screening

Jon Beacham will be hosting a screening of three of his own films on January 1st at 7:30 pm at Hermitage. This is the third in an ongoing series of screenings that kicked off back in June with an outdoor screening of Nathaniel Dorsky's Hours for Jerome, Part 1 & 2.
The three films making up Thursday's program are:

-China Town 8mm Color 5 minutes 2004
-Untitled 16mm Color 10 minutes 2005-2006
-Return 16mm Color 8 minutes 2007

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Bday LB, and When Santa Attacks III

I don't have to tell you that the reason that so many of us are gathered together with family and friends is to celebrate the birthday of a very special person; Louise Bourgeois. LB turns 97 yrs old today, and she's had a mighty big year, what with a traveling retrospective (scheduled to open at the Hirshhorn in February) and such.

This opening scene from Jean-Pierre Jeunet's The City of Lost Children approximates what I imagine Christmas Chez Bourgeois to be like:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weather notice: Rinnhofer photo shoot cancellation

Due to inclement weather, Angelika Rinnhofer's photo shoot scheduled for this afternoon at the Howland Center has been cancelled.
Stay tuned for a re-scheduled date.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: The year in pictures mug shots

image via:

This item comes via Hrag Vartanian. The folks at The Smoking Gun have sorted through thousands of mug shots from 2008 (so you don't have to), narrowing the field down to a selection of the 20 most memorable. Also included are narratives of the incidents leading up to each suspect's arrest.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alejandro Dron asked me to pass along the info on the apartment in Newburgh that he will have for rent starting in two and a half months. It sounds like the rental includes some access to utilize Alejandro's onsite studio. Here's the Craig's list listing.

Erica Hauser's One-Week One-Stop Holiday Shop, at 469 Main St. through December 24

Erica Hauser has set up shop once again at 469 Main St (adjacent to Go North, in the gallery's former space.) Beginning last night and going through the 24th, the One-week one-stop Holiday Shop/installation will be open afternoons and evenings! goodies edible and otherwise created by local artists.
-Decorated cookies
-Jewelry, ornaments, art objects, cards
-Fine art prints, paintings, sculpture
(call 646-321-8350 or stop by for specifics).
If you recall, Erica was similarly open for a week to handle the needs of world weary
Valentine's Day shoppers.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mike & Doug Starn's Big Bambu Taking Root in Beacon

image via:

On Friday morning I met with George Mansfield at the former Tallix building here in Beacon to take a peek at Mike and Doug Starn's Big Bambu project. Press releases went out recently about the work that's been underway in Beacon since September (I first saw the p.r. on
Big Bambu is a matrix of bamboo stalks lashed together to create a structure that brushes against the 50ft high ceiling and pretty much fills the width of the main hall of the building. Construction began at the western end of the space, proceeding to the east for some length (to about a third of the length of the space?) where the top of the form overtakes the base, acquiring the aspects of the curve of a wave creating an arch as it curls to meet the floor. It will be from this point, when work resumes in the Spring after a Winter hiatus, that the whole bamboo form will begin "walking" or flowing onward. Piece by piece, poles of bamboo will be removed from the point of origin (now the rear) of the structure, and grafted onto the leading edge.
A dozen or so climbers from the Shawangunks are scaling and tying the poles together using their newly learned techniques implemented in
bamboo scaffolding construction throughout Asia.
If you can't squeeze a discernible image from my description, check out the Starns' website. There are images and video of the installation and an animation that will give you a sense of the projected mechanics as this thing goes kinetic.
This thing is massive. The video give a better sense of the structure than the photos, but neither really captures the light organic messiness of the work that it has in person. Images capture the erector set-like geometry of the construction, but the varied widths of the poles and the addition of some with clusters of leaves on them softens the overall appearance. Some of the thinner poles have a bit of an arc to them as their ends bend freely in the voids and on the edge of the form . This is just enough to lend the appearance of being woven and pliable. Chris Burden's actual Erector Set Rockafeller installation from earlier this year was tame and lame compared to this invasive growth.
The cavernous space that surrounds Big Bambu is seeded with some of the artists' other works (ginormous framed photo/collages leaning or hanging at various heights as well banner sized digital prints on a translucent gauzy paper suspended from high up) in a very in situ kind of way created punctuated sight lines throughout. The naturally lit industrial space enhances the living, supple quality of the bamboo.
As I understand it, there's a possibility that the Starns will open up the project for public viewing in the spring.
Seeing this activity in this building serves as a reminder of the enormous amount of space of similarly extraordinary dimension that sits dormant in this city. It's amazing to think of the untapped architectural resources in the collection of factories and industrial buildings that could serve as the foundation for a wave of development and economic and creative activity - and perhaps one or two kick ass bars too.
Monday's NY Times is running an item on the Starns and the South Ferry Subway Terminal in NYC that they've been working on for the past several years.

Second Saturday Dec 13: a few images

I know this is part of Flying Swine's performance of Savage in Limbo at Chill, but for a split second I thought I was about to witness a new candidate for my When Santa Attacks ! series.

pearldaddy is showing there ceramics and multimedia tapestries of Marlene Parillo.

Above and below: Limited Run 2 at Open Space.

Artist Joy Garnett posted a video of Ben Neill's performance on Newsgrist

Ben Neill working his mutantrumpet....If you were wondering what that thing was he was blowing in, there's an image of the instrument and a brief description on his website.

Van Brunt Gallery's new digs.

Van Brunt Gallery christened its newer leaner self in its location on December 6 with the opening of a group show.

A favorite of the evening's was Karl Saliter's granite Tonka dump truck complete with rolling wheels lifting bed.

My pick of the show is this piece by Matt Harle (I don't know the title).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kork is the new Mahogany

Beautiful Dreamer by Elia Gurna.

kork, the art exhibition juggernaut that is certain to bring visual culture in Pougkeepsie to its knees received a blush enducing mention on yesterday.
I've mentioned the bulletin board project in passing in a post about my studio visit with
Elia Gurna. Elia's work will be on the board through the end of the month, followed by Marc Willhite of Denver in January and February.
Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Gifts

I awoke early this morning (maybe 3 or 4 am) to an bewildering diffuse strobing light. Disoriented as I was (and blind as I am), I blinked a couple of times (a la I Dream of Genie), marveling at what I thought was the psychedelic effect of my eyelids. It took a few moments to realize that it was not my eyelids and that the light show emanated from outside. I got up to look. There were fire/rescue vehicles on the street attending to one of the houses across the way. I couldn't discern what was happening and returned to bed thinking how miserable it would be to have an emergency - and to have to respond to an emergency at 3 am on a freezing, rainy night.
To have an such an evening undisturbed is a gift. And oh how many gifts I have been given, through which I've slept.

Then, to rise to a crunchy blue sky, with the mid-morning strangely warm after the frigid deluge of Thursday was a stunner.

Getting out and about, I saw the mountain flocked in ice against that blue. At this phenomena, I marvelled. And it was a true phenomena, one not lost on many people.

It was too much not to photograph, and those photos are what you're looking at. I'll admit that one gift I don't have is that of the photographer's eye.....well actually, I have been gifted with a photographer, but she's in Boston this weekend, doing me no good in this instance.

That shimmering blanket was presented in full view, as if a gift consciously given. After the sturm und drang the the previous day's weather and having just received news of Audrey Chibbaro's passing, the presence of such a marvellous sight was uncanny and dislodging. If it's not the box that counts, but the thought, then is it not the effect a vision produces within us which holds the significance and not the beholding of the vision.
For all of us, but particularly for those closest to Audrey, this vision of the beauty, backed up against the power of this thing we're all in proffers the most potent and fleeting gift that is awareness.
In a post on the Beacon Art Salon message board, Ronnie Farley passed along the information that there will be a service for Audrey at the Libby Funeral Home, 55 Teller Ave Beacon (845-831-0179) next Friday 12/19 from 7-9pm.

Thanks to Beacon's volunteer firemen for doing the work they do.

Remembering Audrey Chibbaro

Audrey Chibbaro discussing her installation during
the Windows on Main St. walking tour in 2007.

Sadly, news arrived today of the death of Audrey Chibbaro from bone cancer. Audrey was very involved in the activities in the Beacon Arts Salon, taking an active role in realizing the groups events.
My interactions with Audrey focused around our work. I didn't know much about her personal life. To me, she was an ever positive, compassionate and nurturing individual and one who was deeply interested in engaging creatively with all kinds of folk. She participated in a handful of our group critiques that floated between studios.
In 2007, Audrey participated in
WOMS, taking over one of the large windows at the Beacon Natural Market, turning it a Potato Eaters carnival complete with her ceramic puppet figurines and many pounds of potatoes which she donated to a food bank after the exhibit.

Aug-Sept. 2007 The Potato Eaters installed at the Beacon Natural Market.

Stacey Ward Kelley of the Beacon Art Salon forwarded this short bio and statement of Audrey that was included in the group's book Beacon Soul.
Audrey Chibbaro studied art in Florence Italy and received an associate’s degree
from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She received her BFA in
studio art from Brooklyn College and has taught art in NYC public schools.
Chibbaro’s media includes porcelain, stoneware, beeswax, antique linen, fur and
wire. Currently Chibbaro has simplified her work to highlight the form, texture,
color and material without the distraction of the figurative element. This new
work is abstract-biomorphic and conjures memories through the texture of the
materials. Chibbaro has shown her work at The Shore Institute of Contemporary
Art, The Boylan Gallery, The Manhattan Graphics Center and is looking forward to
her upcoming solo show at The Garrison Art Center.
The Garrison Art Center exhibit mentioned took place in October and November, and featured Audrey's ceramic works.
Memtex. courtesy

Audrey's Artist's Statement:
Beacon invites me to look the ground in the eye. The fascination is with the matter that grows from the earth and has fallen from the trees. When it rains and snows the colors change and add a new depth. The Hudson Valley Mountains give texture from a distance and when among them we breathe the scent of everything regenerated.

Two of Audrey's prints are included in Open Space's Limited Run 2 print and zine exhibit that will be opening tomorrow night. Below are images of the prints which will be available for purchase. Thanks to Dan and Kalene for forwarding these images.

I'll be sure to post any information that arises regarding services or memorials. For those of you who knew Audrey and would like to share your thoughts, feel free to add your comments.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Head and shoulders: Participants sought for photo shoot

Angelika Rinnhofer will be photographing at the Howland Cultural Center on Sunday, December 21, and she is looking for models.
As part of a project in development, Angelika will be on the balcony photographing groups of people from above.
Participants are asked to be at the Howland Center at 2:00 on Sunday Dec. 21, and wear dark colored clothes.
If you're interested in milling about for short time, brandishing your cowlick, shoot her an email at angelika[dot]rinnhofer[at]gmail[dot]com, and let her know.
Your participation in this project will help keep a photographer busy photographing, and not doing something crazy, like trying to drive a school bus.

Call for submissions: Pelham Art Center, Pelham NY

The Pelham Art Center in Pelham is accepting submissions for the bi-annual painting competition, the Alexander Rutsch Award and Solo Exhibition. It is a juried award and the winner receives $5,000 and a solo show at the Art Center.
Deadline for entries is Feb. 6 2009. Submission guidelines are here.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fovea Exhibitions benefit auction December 12, 7pm

A benefit party and auction for Fovea Exhibitions will be held on Friday, Dec 12 at the Howland Cultural Center beginning at 7pm. The evening's events will include an indoor projection, party featuring the musical stylings of Hank and the Skinny 3, and an art auction. The items up for auction are listed here. There's a $10 cover at the door.
You can now follow the very latest about Fovea Exhibitions on Twitter.

map of NY state correctional facilities

Fovea's current exhibit, Behind Bars by Andrew Lichtenstein, is on exhibit through early January 2009. With its distinctly local relevance, this exhibit clearly demonstrates the greatest strength of the gallery which is framing essential aspects of the human condition as evidenced in real, and often crucial life events in a manner that is direct and personally affecting. Graphics posted in the gallery announce the facts that within 50 miles of Beacon there are 11 correctional facilities employing over 6,000 people (if I'm correctly recalling the facts - I can't remember the number of inmates).
This is the first exhibit where I felt the size of the gallery limited to the ultimate effectiveness of the presentation. The compelling narratives of prison life - both inside and outside of the facilities -conveyed in Lichtenstein's work are each worthy of extended exposure. Unfortunately, having these separate strains represented by just a few images each gives the effect of a series of teasers when a more homogenized selection, though undoubtedly incomplete given the depth and complexity of this very real and very locally pertinent topic, might offer a more succinct body of evidence.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Second Saturday, Dec 13 2008; what's on tap

Here it is. What you've all been waiting for; something to look at and do next weekend here in our humble berg.
Open Space is hosting its second Limited Run Print and Zine exhibit.
Go North is opening an exhibit of mixed medai paintings by Anne Beck. The opening marks he release of the artist's monograph, State, published by Brooklyn Art Press. Copies of the book will be on hand for purchase.

Anne Beck's City Addax (2008, acrylic, casein, gouache, clay, pigment print, & collaged solvent print on cut paper, 16.5 x 21.5").

bau will be opening a group show of gallery members' work interpreting light. Reception from 6-9pm.

pearldaddy is presenting Marlene Parillo: Storypots and TapestriesVessel Sculptures and Mixed Media Quilts December 13, 2008 thru March 8, 2009. The opening reception will be happening from 6-9pm.

Marlene Parillo

The Gallery at Zahra's Studio is hosting a reception from 6-10pm an exhibit of photographs by Charise Isis. American Stripper opened on November 17 and will remain on view through the end of 2008.

Charise Isis

A new venue and a diferent vibe will lend an altered reality to the Second Saturday After Party, Next Step. The "all lounge session" will be held at Iron Fish Trading Co. Shawn Trail and John Cason have joined up with the Open Space team to present this alternate Next Step.

Here are the details:

An Evening of Quadraphonic Sound and Immersive Videoproducers Shawn Trail
and John Cason offer up an alternative to Beacon's Second Saturday art-hop
afterparty- LIVE MUSIC and a downtempo, lounge oriented vibe .
Featuring Ben Neil and Bill Jones Ben Neill and Bill Jones will present a new set of music and interactive video for Neill's newly created mutantrumpet.. Dubbed
"the mad scientist of dancefloor jazz" by CMJ Magazine, Neill's music
"masterfully blurs the lines between electronic dance music and jazz sounds"
(Billboard). This new set of future dub jazz is the most recent chapter in
Neill's musical evolution which has included the CDs Green Machine
(Astralwerks), Triptycal and Goldbug (Verve) and Automotive (Six Degrees). Neill
has recently created a new version of his unique electro-acoustic instrument,
the mutantrumpet, thanks to a residency at the STEIM studios in Amsterdam.
+ development- led by on drums, brothers- tom cason on bass and john cason on guitar/video, and on tenor sax and electronics and
QUADRAPHONIC SOUND mixed by Tyler Trotter (Tony Levin, Will Oldham)and DJ chris rivers between setsSecond Saturday Dec. 13, 20089pm@ Iron Fish 167 Main Street,
Beacon NY$7- entrance
Keegan Ale will be
served in co-operation with
If you recall, Shawn and John put together an informal video and sound installation called Special Treatment in the Chthonic Clash space back in March in the interim between the Clash closing down and ZuZu's opening up. I really dug what they did then. I'm interested to see what they do at the 'Fish.

NY Times review of recent installment of Merce Cunningham Dance Company residency at Dia:Beacon

Tuesday's NYTimes includes a detailed play by play by Alistair Macauley of this weekend's Merce Cunningham performances at Dia:Beacon. To my count, this weekends events which were presented before Sol LeWitt's work "123 All Three Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes 1967/2003" are the fourth in the series to be produced in the two year Hudson Valley Project residency that the MCDC will be serving out at the museum through September 2009. A press release from 2007 states that a total of 8 events will take place in the museum.

Headline Envy & Alison Moritsugu in the press

Today in his Weekend Round up of links, Tyler Green at MAN included a piece from San Diego Union-Tribune art critic Robert Pincus, eye-rollingly titled "Painter's Log" which traces the development Alison Moritsugu's work.
I'm just embarrassed that a headline that cheesy never occurred to me. That's why I don't get paid for this stuff.
residency at Lux Art in San Diego came to a close this weekend.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

On for the weekend

A new exhibit opens today at the Howland Cultural Center. “Changing Expressions” - a celebration of Latino-American Artists is a group show featuring many local artists. The opening is happening today from 3-5pm.

Tonight at 7pm,
Open Space will host a reading and book signing by left-wing political cartoonist and Beacon local David Rees. Note that this event is not suitable for children.

Tomorrow in Peekskill:
HVCCA is hosting a free arts day. Admission to the museum is free all day from 12-6pm. Here's what's planned for the day:
2:00pm: Docent Tour of ORIGINS exhibition led by HVCCA President / Co-Founder Dr. Livia Straus.
3:00pm: Special music performance by the Westchester Symphonic Winds clarinet and saxophone quartets.
4:00pm: Gallery talk with HVCCA’S 2008 Artist-in-Residence Karen Sargsyan.
Also at 4pm, a ceremony will be held at which the museum will receive at $20,000 grant from Consulate General of the Netherlands New York (CGNY) for the Public Tile Program.
About the program:
The Public Tile Project is an arts and education initiative that unites the
students of the Hudson Valley with their Dutch heritage. The project
incorporates over 1500 individual tiles/artwork created by students from over 30
schools etc commemorating historic events, persons, geographical history, flora
and fauna of the region in the style of Dutch Delft tile painting. When fully
installed throughout Peekskill, the tiles will become a permanent marker along a
1 1/2 mile historic trail beginning at the Museum and ending at the river. The
final installment of the tiles will culminate with a ceremony during the Dutch
Quadricentennial Saturday, September 12th, 2009.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Bifurcated for your pleasure.

This week's ECF is divided into to two separate treats, one for the eye and one for the mind's eye. The latter exists simply for the reason that I had no camera to capture the full wonder of the vision (if I had one, I'd have to capture it surreptitiously). I'm speaking of Kenneth Goldsmith's lecture last Saturday on Andy Warhol at Dia:Beacon. More specifically, I'm speaking of Goldsmith's attire, which you'll have to use that mind's eye of yours to muster some semblance of its glory through my inadequate description. Goldsmith was dressed in a what I'd call a "still life" two piece suit with a classical (floral/fruit?) motif that floated somewhere between wallpaper and tapestry in violet and olive tones over a dark, almost black field. An intense solid purple sweater with matching tie, under which the collar of a dress shirt of striped violets nested, sneakers in the elusive grey color I've only seen on the Audi TT Roadster - with maroon laces, and a metallic silver tote bag finished of the ensemble.
Please note my improvised sample board to aid you in an approximate visualization of the ensemble.

Goldsmith read from a prepared lecture in a natural way and gave a remarkable talk. He spoke of Warhol and his work in a broad, holistic manner, drawing relationships to the zen qualities of nothingness and the absence of the author in the work of Cage and Ginsberg. He invoked Obama's comments on the Jeremiah Wright controversy which didn't shrink from the inherent complexities of the world and relationships (an approach unusual for a politician) to illustrate the intensely complex implications of Warhol's work existence.

His description of Warhol as a 360 degree man - one complete with nuanced and contradicting complexities - one lacking a flattened side on which he can be easily rested for convenient storage rhymed with Dia's room-ringing installation of the Shadow paintings. The gallery took on more significance as a meme for the man whose blending effect (on life and work, high and low culture, etc.) leaves little opportunity for discernable beginning and ending points.
Goldsmith's talk was excellent and several companions felt this to be the best of the museum's talks thus far....Unfortunately, this talk seemed to not be recorded as the others have.

So the second portion of candy referred to at the beginning of this post also relates to Kenneth Goldsmith as he is a Founding Editor and Publisher of UbuWeb (; I've referred to the site previously. UbuWeb a dizzying archive of artist videos, images, and words that is ever-growing as a form of networked culture hive.
UbuWeb is a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the
avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts. All materials on UbuWeb are being
made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to
the author(s). UbuWeb is completely free.
Indeed it is candy for the eye and the eye's mind. Go there and root around; new items are being added all the time. There's so much diversion and distraction online that eats up one's time. This site too can easily devour your time, but in contrast to so much else, what it excretes is the sweetest of honey.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Out in the world

A couple local folks are in exhibits in the wider world coming to an end this weekend.
In Boston, at
Lanoue Fine Art, Emil Alzamora's exhibit called Superluminous is coming to a close on December 7. You can check out a video interview with Emil at
Globatron also recently posted an
interview with Dan Weise of Open Space.
One half of the creative team
Kahn and Selesnick, Nicholas Kahn lives in Cold Spring. The duo's exhibit Eisbergfreistadt is on view at the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago through Saturday, December 6.

Jaanika Peerna Open Studio and Sale, Dec 7 & 13 noon - 5pm.

For the next two Sundays, Jaanika Peerna is hosting an open studio from noon to 5pm. Jaanika's studio is located at 6 Fiskill Ave in Cold Spring, NY.
Peerna makes drawings and video art. Her “powerfully delicate” abstractions are
born on a sheet of paper placed on a floor. She moves around the paper and then
marks down lines and dots capturing the very moment at hand. No pre-made plans
are in her head, just the immediate markings of the instant. One line tells what
the next should do. In her video work she captures ordinary moments and makes
them magical with simple editing. Come see her work in her studio. Ask questions, start a
conversation and use this opportunity to take home a drawing or two as treats to
yourself or as locally-made holiday presents.
December 7th and 13th noon–5pm at 6 Fishkill Avenue, Cold Spring, for more info:

Van Brunt Gallery opens in new location, Dec 6, 2008

Van Brunt Gallery makes its Main St slide this week, opening the new space at 137 Main St. on Saturday, Dec 6 with a group show filled with a host of familiar gallery names: Colin Barclay, Gabe Brown, Richard Butler, Melanie Einzig, Lori Field, Barbara Friedman, Kate Hagerman, Matt Harle, Peter Iannarelli, Stevan Jennis, Stanford Kay, Norm Magnusson, Molly Rausch, Stephen Spaccarelli, Karl Saliter, Christie Scheele, George Sewell and Carl Van Brunt. The exhibit will run through Jan 5, and the opening is happening from 6-9pm on Saturday.
Another change for the gallery is that all exhibition announcements will be sent out via email only- no more stamplicking.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Flying Swine performance of Savage in Limbo at Chill Wine Bar, Beacon NY, 12/12-12/21

Of all those who awaited the long delayed opening of the wine bar Chill, I'm sure few breathed the sigh of relief Donald Kimmel of Flying Swine was allowed to let loose once the joint finally opened its doors. Flying Swine had received a NYSCA grant, distributed by the Duthcess Arts Council, last year for a production of Savage in Limbo by Shanley in 2008. The play is set in a bar, and in a vision of seamless, site specific verisimilitude, Kimmel envisioned producing it in the wine bar - once it opened. Fortunately, Chill opened for business just a couple of months back and Savage in Limbo will have its run this month.
Below are all the details you should need:
FLYING SWINE presents the first show produced on an Actors Equity contract in
the city of Beacon in over 25 years!SAVAGE IN LIMBO, by John Patrick Shanley
Featuring Estelle Bajou, Michael Benjamin*, Phil Gardiner, Heidi James*
& Mary Sheridan*.
Directed by Donald Kimmel - Set Design by Dana Kenn - Costume Design by Erika Furey
Stage Managed by Polly Solomon*
*Member, Actors Equity Association
Site specific, fully realized professional theatre in a non-traditional setting, CHILL Wine Bar, 173 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508.
Performances Fridays @ 7pm, Saturdays @ 4pm & 7pm, Sundays @7pm, December
12-December 21.For reservations, call the SWINELINE, or purchase advance tickets @ ARTISAN WINE SHOP, 180 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508.Advance tickets $20. Day of show tickets $25 at the door Groups of 10 or more $17Students & Seniors $17

PS. Flying Swine is looking for a few fine folks willing to open their homes and host a few of the actors during the run of the rehearsal and performance schedule. If you're interested, more details are posted over at the Beacon Citizen Network.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Last weekend in photos

Here are some images from two openings last weekend. On Friday, Hudson Beach Glass opened an invitational box themed exhibit called Outside the Box Inside:

Catherine Welshman's work.

Kazumi Tanaka's back adorned by some awesome stripe and purple crochet action.

James Westwater's Homeless Chateau above, and models below.

Saturday saw the inaugural exhibit at High Street Gallery located in the home of Robert Brush. The first show, up through January is an exhibit of Greg Slick's Bedscape photographs.

The artist kickin it in High Street's VIP lounge.

Consider yourselves forewarned. Kandid Carcamera is armed with a flip digi cam, and he's makin movies. He posted a short video of Greg's exhibit on