Friday, February 10, 2006

Angelika Rinnhofer at AIPAD

Angelika Rinnhofer's work can be seen this weekend at the AIPAD Photography Show, where Paul Kopeikin Gallery is representing her work. Kopeikin will be back in NYC for the Scope fair in March.

Angelika's work has recently been mentioned in ExpoRevue, and is featured today in the UK online magazine The First Post.

Editor's Note:
In the department of full disclosure, in case you don't know, I should to let you know that Angelika Rinnhofer is my girlfriend. If you scan through the posts over the months, you may find their are more posts on maykr related to her than any other artist. Though it would be easy to conclude that this is an excercise in domestic favoritism or some such thing-- its no such thing. There are two simple reasons that this is not nepotism. First of all, I'm being constantly informed of everything she has got going on - everyday-, and second, she just has so damn much going.
In a similar vein, you may also notice several postings that include Karlos Carcamo - This in no way signifies that he and I are romantically involved....It just so happens that he is consistant in sharing info on his projects.

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