Saturday, January 06, 2007

Call for photographers: "Portraits of Beacon"

A release from John Fasulo:

The last photo event that was organized for
Beacon, Spirit of Beacon, One Week of Photography was so successful, the
organizers are looking at another event for 2007.
This time, ‘Portraits of
Beacon: Images of Community’ will feature portraits of Beacon residents. A meeting will be held at Chthonic Clash on Main Street in Beacon
on January 7, 2007 at 4pm
; interested photographers that would like to be
included in this event should attend. “Our last event featured about 20
photographers from the region, ‘said organizer John Fasulo. This event will have
no time constraints on the photographers and work from 2006 will be allowed to
be shown. “We are looking to portray Beacon through portraits of residents and
people who work in the city,” said Fasulo.
The group is looking for a
gallery or perhaps two galleries to show the work sometime in the spring or
early summer. Fasulo, who grew up in Beacon, is a retired network TV cameraman,
having worked in broadcasting for 25 years for CBS, NBC, and CNN as well as on
major TV productions. His photography in and around Beacon has been exhibited at
a one man show last year at the Muddy Cup Café on Main Street. A series of
German Steam railroad images are part of the permanent collection of the German
Railway Museum in Nuremberg, Germany. As the Vice President of the Beacon
Historical Society, he ahs photographed many local residents and business owners
over the years.
Photographers interested in participating in this photo
event should come to the January meeting.

Contact John Fasulo 845 401

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