Monday, February 19, 2007

Dia Foundation announces new director

Late this afternoon, reported that the Dia Foundation has appointed Jeffrey Weiss to be Michael Govan's replacement as director of the organization. Weiss has been the head of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Art since 2000.

From the
Press office page of the National Gallery's website:

Jeffrey Weiss has been a curator in the Department of Modern and
Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Art in Washington for seven
years. He was appointed department head in 2000. Prior to that, he
was a doctoral fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts.
Weiss holds a Ph.D from the Institute of Fine Arts in New York. His
book, The Popular Culture of Modern Art, was published by Yale University Press
in 1994. He is also the editor of exhibition catalogues on Mark Rothko and
Pablo Picasso, for which he was the primary author. Weiss has published
articles, essays and reviews on modern and post-war art in various periodicals
and journals, including regular contributions to Burlington Magazine and
Artforum. New essays will also appear in books forthcoming from Princeton
University Press and the Getty Research Institute. Weiss has served on
various public art committees, including the General Services Administration in
Washington. He is currently preparing exhibitions concerning Jasper Johns
(the work from 1955 to 1965) and Barnett Newman (the period of the Stations of
the Cross).

The Times report quotes Dia Board chairwoman Nathalie de Gunzberg as stating the first priority of the foundation is to reestablish a presence in Manhattan.

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