Sunday, November 04, 2007

A plea for state funding of the Fulton-Hudson 400th Anniv.

I'm very late in posting Joe Bertolozzi's email with a link to Governor Spitzer's office urging folks to write and voice their support for funding for events celebrating The Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial.

Joe's been working on securing funding and corporate sponsorship for his ambitious project, and as far I know, there's been little response from the corporations he's contacted. His Bridge Music project has been featured in news reports in several countries. If you haven't seen it, here is the feature the NYTimes did on the project, including video.
This project will be a technical and physical feat. Some 22 musicians will be positioned high and low on the bridge playing structure as an instrument in a live performance.

To sit down an speak with Joe is to understand that he is wildly passionate and committed to this project and he has done his homework. It's taken him years to get to this point, and this project has all of the markings of the signature event of this major historical anniversary. It seems to me that the cache of being linked with such a project during such a visible region-wide celebration would make a lot of sense in portraying the area as an enclave of creative, and innovative activity. Let's not forget the potentially marketable poetry that the image of a singing bridge and all of the metaphorical fodder that could be expoited by a progressive company. If a Verizon or a Central Hudson can't be bothered to be involved, I'd hope that an AT&T, TMobile, or some other communication or tech company from outside the area would sweep in and put their brand on this event pointing out that pioneering creative spirit knows no boundary.
But that's a separate matter. Here's Joe's email:

The Governor's office is reviewing budget 08-09 funding for among other things, the Hudson Quadricentnnial.

If you'd like to help, click
here or
to send him an e-mail, and an say that:

Please consider generous funding of the
Hudson-Fulton Quadricentennial. It would benefit NYS
economically by drawing thousands of tourism dollars. Millions have already seen the articles in NY Times, AP, Reuters, NPR, AOL, BBC, Japanese TV, etc. about Joseph Bertolozzi's "Bridge Music" a monumental artistic endeavor worthy of the Empire State that
celebrates the Mid Hudson Bridge, the Hudson River and the valley. Slated for 2009, Bridge Music is seeking official Quadricentennial endorsement and there would be a mutual benefit to the collaboration between Bridge Music and NYS.

You may cut and paste the above paragraph if you like or use your own words. I appreciate your consideration in helping to bring 'Bridge Music' to fruition.
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