Thursday, June 12, 2008

A quickie

I've been underwater out of touch and generally out of town for the last two weeks, and I ain't quite done yet.
Of course, Second Saturday is coming up, and there are openings going on. There's the stencil show at Open Space, Zahra's Studio is proclaiming June National Graffiti Month with City Folk. There' s an artist reception happening for Carla Goldberg at Zuzu's in the old Cthonic space. Fovea Exhibitions is kicking off a monthly summer screening and jazz program.
So yes, there is a lot going on. My head will again be above water by then, and hopefully I'll be around for for everything, if not, I'll catch up soon when I have a chance to breathe more easily next week.
By the way, the CCS Hessel Museum at Bard College is having an opening on the fourteenth as well featuring work by MICHAEL BEUTLER, ESRA ERSEN AND KIRSTINE ROEPSTORFF in the CCS galleries and Bik Vander Pol interacting with the Hessel collection in the museum's galleries.

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