Friday, December 12, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Gifts

I awoke early this morning (maybe 3 or 4 am) to an bewildering diffuse strobing light. Disoriented as I was (and blind as I am), I blinked a couple of times (a la I Dream of Genie), marveling at what I thought was the psychedelic effect of my eyelids. It took a few moments to realize that it was not my eyelids and that the light show emanated from outside. I got up to look. There were fire/rescue vehicles on the street attending to one of the houses across the way. I couldn't discern what was happening and returned to bed thinking how miserable it would be to have an emergency - and to have to respond to an emergency at 3 am on a freezing, rainy night.
To have an such an evening undisturbed is a gift. And oh how many gifts I have been given, through which I've slept.

Then, to rise to a crunchy blue sky, with the mid-morning strangely warm after the frigid deluge of Thursday was a stunner.

Getting out and about, I saw the mountain flocked in ice against that blue. At this phenomena, I marvelled. And it was a true phenomena, one not lost on many people.

It was too much not to photograph, and those photos are what you're looking at. I'll admit that one gift I don't have is that of the photographer's eye.....well actually, I have been gifted with a photographer, but she's in Boston this weekend, doing me no good in this instance.

That shimmering blanket was presented in full view, as if a gift consciously given. After the sturm und drang the the previous day's weather and having just received news of Audrey Chibbaro's passing, the presence of such a marvellous sight was uncanny and dislodging. If it's not the box that counts, but the thought, then is it not the effect a vision produces within us which holds the significance and not the beholding of the vision.
For all of us, but particularly for those closest to Audrey, this vision of the beauty, backed up against the power of this thing we're all in proffers the most potent and fleeting gift that is awareness.
In a post on the Beacon Art Salon message board, Ronnie Farley passed along the information that there will be a service for Audrey at the Libby Funeral Home, 55 Teller Ave Beacon (845-831-0179) next Friday 12/19 from 7-9pm.

Thanks to Beacon's volunteer firemen for doing the work they do.

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