Friday, May 29, 2009

Dia:Beacon Gallery Talk: Philippe Vergne on Warhol, May 30, 1pm

Dia director Philippe Vergne will be giving this month's Gallery Talk at Dia:Beacon on Andy Warhol on Saturday May 30 at 1pm. To reserve yourself a spot for the talk, call 845.440.0100 or email

Here's the gallery talk schedule for the next several months, as listed on Dia:Beacon's website:
Saturday, June 27,
2009, 1pm
Robert Lubar on Antoni Tàpies

Saturday, July 25,
2009, 1pm
Christina Rosenberger on Robert Ryman

Saturday, August 29,
2009, 12:45pm
Steven Evans on Max Neuhaus

Saturday, September 26,
2009, 1pm
George Trakas on Beacon Point

Saturday, October 24,
2009, 1pm
Kenneth Goldsmith on Sol LeWitt

Saturday, November 28,
2009, 1pm
Reiko Tomii on On Kawara

I, for one am very pleased to see that Kenneth Goldmsith is returning in October to speak on Sol LeWitt. Goldsmith's talk on Warhol back in November of 2008 was a major treat. Of course, Steven Evans is no slouch in giving a gallery talk either. I've attended at least two of his talks, on Warhol and LeWitt.
I don't know how these speakers for the talks are programmed, but if anyone involved in that process is reading, I'd certainly cast a vote for the return of Norton Batkin. His manner of delivery of a talk on Bruce Nauman was animated, a bit ribald and very also had a group participation component. I'd like to see him go at it with one of the other artists....perhaps Blinky.

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