Friday, July 24, 2009

Beacon Open Studio registration events this weekend.

I signed up earlier in the week to participate in the Beacon Open Studios scheduled to take place on the weekend of Sept 26 and 27.
The plan for the weekend is that the participating studios will be divided into two groups depending on their location in the city and each group of studios will be open on one of the two days.  This scheme will allow artists to checkout other studios and not be chained for two entire days.
Additionally, if artists are interested in participating, but are not interested in making their beds or don't have a studio, arrangements can be arranged for temporary "studio" space at the Beacon Studios.

There will be two registration parties this weekend.  Tonight, take in happy hour at Max's while you sign up for BOS from 5-7pm, and tomorrow from 10-noon at Zuzu's. 

More information on the event, how to apply, and incentives for making it out to one of this weekend's parties, visit the BOS website link above. 
You can also apply to participate at anytime by downloading the registration form, also available on the website.

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