Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is the endThis is not the end This is the End This is not the end This is....

If you're a frequent visitor to Maykr, you have noticed that the blog is going on two months since it's last post.
This post is here to confirm that which you already know: maykr is on indefinite hiatus.

I've decided to pull back to focus on personal and collaborative projects (including some Maykr publication projects), more studio time and a re-imagining of my art blogging activities. Maykr is not dead - it's in an induced coma, but there are signs of life here. You'll notice that I've added a MAYKR twitter feed in the sidebar. Many of the announcements I've posted about previously will be funneled through there - so keep your announcements and notices coming and as I'm able to, I'll throw them there.  There is also a  MAYKR group on Facebook, so feel free to join up and post art related items yourself there or start a conversation.  Also, don't forget about the Beacon Art Postcard Archive (BAPA)  this project continues and I continue to need contributions of postcards and other art promotional ephemera.
The writing I will be doing in the near future will be channeled through my personal blog which will contain a lot of my studio oriented items in addition to Maykr-type, art related posts.  I want to create a more clear correlation between those things in the broader world (and artworld) that draw my attention and my studio activities, and how both sides of that coin influence one another.   I'm working on a new webpage/blog format that will provide me a proper context for this dual writing I'd like do, although I'm being stymied by technological limitations at the moment.  It's possible that I'll start posting Eye Candy Fridays again after the new year, and I have a handful of Meet yer Maykr studio visit posts in the pipeline, all of which you'll be able to find at for the interim. 
This change of venue stems from that desire to tie together (for myself) the strands of writing and mayking that dominate my time.  Also, my interest in blogging has incrementally drifted from art related items specific to the Beacon Area.  It's not captivating enough for me  to maintain a Beacon-area specific blog any more.  I think it's best to create a little more separation between the newer content and the local-centric archive that the Maykr blog has become.  

As with any body in a coma, Maykr can still sense your presence. Although it may not be able to respond fully, it still holds within it the memories and essence of a body having lived. You can always direct questions or announcements to info[at]maykr[dot]com.  Going forward, I'll work to maintain the currency of the links on this page, and hopefully add new ones as they come up. I will also work to add lables to older posts that will make the pre 2007 content more searchable.

Finally, I send my gratitude out to all who have become regular visitors to the blog, and those who have subscribed to the blog's feed, and those who have shared with me their words of encouragement over the years.



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