Friday, February 04, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Refined Sweetness

Ok. I've been vacillating over how I want to proceed with maykr over the past year or so, and I think I'm close to figuring it out - which will hopefully be taking shape over the not to distant future. What I can say now is that I am fully committing myself to reinstate Eye Candy Fridays.

This is Friday.  This is your Candy:

Up this week is the new Google Art Project which is a site that culls selections of works from 17 art museums from around the world. The site brings the google street view technology to bear on certain galleries and halls of some of the finest galleries out there.

There's never a substitute for viewing artwork in person, but this project goes along way in bringing the ambiance of some of these galleries home if you can't make to the actual locations. These works are seen in context with their neighbors.  Trolling through the galleries evoke a semblance of the experience of travelling through the physical spaces.  There are some galleries in the Met's section which are jarringly washed out, otherwise the quality of image is fairly decent.  I'm digging sitting here on the sofa, traipsing around the galleries of the Gemäldegalerie seeking out a few of the paintings that struck me when I was there the Summer before last.

I certainly don't need an excuse to be on the computer for any longer than I do already, but it can be rewarding time, as long as you're there. I expect to use the art project for my own research....which may well end up in some form in my work down the road.

I also expect the website will be informing future ECFs.

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