Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dead Hare Radio this week: Bik Van der Pol

Bik Van der Pol: "Are you really  sure a floor can't also be a ceiling?"  2010 Enel Prize at MACRO in Rome.
image courtesy of MACRO

For this week's episode of Dead Hare Radio, I was joined in the garden of MoMA by Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol who, together are the collaborative duo Bik Van der Pol.

Bik Van der Pol  were the artists in residence at CCS Bard this past Spring.  Their 2008 exhibition project at the Hessel Museum in 2008, "I've Got Something in My Eye" had some unintended consequences; one being an uproar debating the relative value of artists to birds, and two, the near liberation of Pinocchio (which I have posted about before).

 image via the blog called :  _____________ which also has a detailed, first hand description of the caper.

Since I'm such a fan of this moment, I'm embedding the video again here for your viewing pleasure:

All of the previous projects that Jos and Liesbeth mention in the interview are documented in their website.  Take some time and dig around in there to find out more.  

They're scheduled to open a projection New York's Lower East Side for Creative Time in September.

Special thanks to Ryan Magyar for being our attentive studio audience for this interview.

In the event you haven't heard of them, this is Eva & Adele....another artistic duo - of another sort.

Thanks to v<o>brainsee (Dead Hare Theme & Dead Hare Prayer) and the Erthlyngz (Jam to the Present Tense )for their musical stylings in this episode.

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