Friday, October 21, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Stop and Go Traffic

I spent three full days in the car last week, running out to Missouri and Arkansas for kicks and family visits last week.  I loathe leaving my home for any period of time - short or long, but once I'm in the car on such a trip (at least, once I get through Pennsylvania, ugh) I'm feeling in the zone.  I'm not driving in a car, I'm really piloting my mind. 
I don't have have a particular fascination for car culture, although I do have a car...and I do have a soft spot for some signifiers of car culture....strip malls, truck stops and the like.

But your ECF selection for today revels in a car culture.  A very small car culture, amplified in the way that only an artist like Chris Burden, unfettered by the limits of obscurity and lack of funds, can do.  The artist's Metroolis II, from 2008 or 2009, I think, is a real adolescent's Hot Wheel's fantasy come true.

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