Friday, March 15, 2019

Guard Everything Appropriately and All Will Be Well Reception at Sanitary Tortilla Factory Tomorrow @ 5:30pm

For the past couple of days, Nora Wendl has been redacting the trial transcript from van der Rohe vs. Farnsworth in a perfomative action called Guard Everything Appropriately and All Will Be Well at Sanitary Tortilla Factory. You can get some background to the


I stopped in to view the progress late this afternoon and found the task seemingly complete.  
The installation including an accompanying dual projection video will remain on view though tomorrow.
There is a reception tomorrow evening to cap off the performance tomorrow from 5:30 to 7 pm.

The two videos, straddling one corner of the gallery depict an enactment of the performance, the redaction here happening line by line.  In the present instance of the performnce, Wendl has used ink and a brayer to strike the text in broad compositional forms, selectively leaving fragments of the text visible to create a kind of humorous and random concrete poetry while at the same time revealing the obvious animosity within the transcript if not the substance of the interaction documented in the text.

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