Monday, November 21, 2005

bau 11: Hudson Paths, featuring Kathy Feighery & Matt Kinney through Dec. 4

bau 11: Highland Paths will comprise of two artists, Kathy Feighery, a founding member of bau and Matthew S. Kinney. Both Kinney and Feighery, through their work, seek to convey a unique interpretation of the Hudson Valley landscape that surrounds them. Kinney’s work derives from the ruminations and discoveries he makes out in nature. Animal tracks and vegetation find their way into his intricate, thoughtful sculptural pieces as well as his paintings and drawings. Kinney purposefully records the ephemeral in his work, asking the viewer to take another look at something nature has wrought that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Feighery’s paintings and drawings are distillations of the dramatic landscape she has witnessed in the Hudson Valley. Her unpopulated work seeks to describe the berth of sky and vastness that can still be found in a very populated region.

Kathy Feighery

Matt Kinney

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