Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happenings @ Chthonic Clash 11.19.05

At The Chthonic Clash on Saturday,
Opening Reception for Protest photographer Adrian
Eisenhower: 6:30-8pm
 Provocative and insiteful photographs on view
documenting various protests in New York and
Washington against the War in Iraq, by Cold Spring
artist and explorer Adrian Eisenhower. Enjoy refresments and
meet photographer Adrian Eisenhower and perhaps get a
chance to discuss with him his experiences being a
part of the growing anti-war movement as a protestor,
artist, and documentarian.
Music by Trevor Exter 8pm $5 Cover.
Trevor's windswept voice and unusual sidekick, a
beat-up cello, take you on a journey into the
less-traveled corners of roots and rootlessness.  From
Brooklyn to Berlin, Britain, Brazil, Buenos Aires and
back, this runaway visits us with a sexy original
sound and songs. He practically violates the cello as
he sings, whispers and screams an imaginative
repertoire of instant classics.

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