Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Out on the Street

As of last week, Collaborative Concepts lost their space at Bulldog. It seems the group was not able to make ends meet recently- even with selling beer for $3 a bottle at openings.

The most recent Artists in Residence, Will Walker, and Peter Iannarelli, are working with Bulldog Studios which has allowed the artists to stay in their studios in the interim until that entire space is rented, or some other space becomes available.

I gather that the Collaborative board is still in existance, and planning their next step. All things have a natural life span, and in respect to the stature that Collaborative once had, and the great presence it represented in Beacon and the area, I would suggest it istime to end the final chapter of book, and allow the memory of this organization stand as a vital art space that was a pioneer on the scene. The alternative will be that of an entity that had it's day, and just couldn't bear to let go and move on even as it wilted away.

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hey Chris, this is your neighbor Matt. I dig your site.