Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top 10 list features Dia:Beacon

Tyler Green at MAN has included Dia:Beacon's series of Anges Martin exhibits at #8 of his top ten of 2005. This extended focus on Martin's work at Dia has served as a dignified tribute to the artist, giving time to consider the trace of a very long career. For me, the first installment revealed to me a segment of her work I never knew. I've not yet seen the third installment, but I am anxious to do so.

Also at Dia:Beacon, the Sol Lewitt's, 123: All Three Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes, 1967/2003 has come back on exhibit. The piece has been move to a space adjacent to the Chamberlain gallery, and the result is quite amazing. The Lewitt was originally in a smaller gallery that now houses a wall drawing. The present space is more open and allows for a mesmerizing interaction among the individual units that make up the entire work, and the nearby walls. While attending a gallery talk on Chamberlain in November, I was struck by the dissolution and reemergence of the cubed forms creating a shifting structure, that softly manipulated the feel of the space and gave me a new awareness of an artwork that had originally not impressed me.

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