Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Joan Mellon at ParaSite

"Adina" by Joan Mellon

ParaSite @ The Iron Fish Trading Company Presents:

"Contemplating Color"
April 27th -May 28, 2006

**Reception: Second Saturday May 13th, 5 - 8pm

Please join me for the opening of "Contemplating Color" paintings by New York City based artist Joan Mellon. The work to be shown, recent multi-paneled and shaped minimalist paintings on canvas and paper, continue Joan Mellon's exploration into how to make paintings that she characterizes as, "not about anything other than themselves which, in keeping with my interests, means objects of color."

Describing her focus on color as an object, Joan Mellon has said, "Making paintings of simple shapes and subtle/intense color is a way for me to slow down the fast-paced, environment in which we live. It has always been my hope that the work I create serves as a pause in time, a place of contemplation where one human being can connect with another, and an antidote to an increasingly speedy, politicized, and disposable world."

Joan Mellon's work is in the collections of Johnson & Johnson, The Franklin Furnace Archives at the Museum of Modern Art, the School of Visual Arts, and the New York Public Library. It is also in private collections and has been exhibited in galleries, universities, and alternative spaces in the United States.

Joan Mellon holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and an MA from SUNY Empire State College. She is an adjunct art teacher at the State University of New York and an Artist-In-Residence at Roosevelt Hospital and St. Vincents Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City.

"Contemplating Color" will be on view at ParaSite Art Space located at The Iron Fish Trading Company 167 Main Street, Beacon, NY, April 27th through May 28th, 2006. For further information please contact gallery director Karlos Carcamo at 347-531-6111.

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