Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Season warms the hearts of Beacon Artists...

...or more importantly for the artists at Bulldog Studios, it's warming their fingers and toes. The Poughkeepsie Journal reported today that the Beacon Board of Education has regained ownership of the old high school building, and the heat was turned on this past week....none too soon considering today's weather.

I can't help but think that with this return of heat to Bulldog Studios, a potentially profitable opportunity was lost. Bulldog Studios could have single handedly revived the ancient romantic vision of the artist while at the same time, augmenting Beacon's lure for Cultitourism traffic. I could envision this attraction as a mixture of
PS1 and Colonial Williamsburg with a little Montmarte thrown in for good measure. Paid admission to the building would give the visitor the experience of an open studio/true-to-life enactment with artist/performers regaling the audience with tales of living the live of a true bohemian, toiling away in a freezing garret, painting by candlelight.

Unfortunately, there have been some folks left out in the cold this winter. Word has it that all but a handful of the several dozen employees of Tallix have been laid off as a result of the merger with Polich Art Works in Rock Tavern.

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