Friday, December 01, 2006

The Language of Reverence: Eleanor Heartney at HVCCA Sun, Dec 3 at 4pm

HVCCA in Peekskill continues its series of discussions moderated by Helio Fred Garcia relating to the current Reverence exhibit at the museum.
Eleanor Heartney, acclaimed art critic and author of the highly
acclaimedPost Modern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art
(NY:Midmarch Press, 2004), will be speaking to the universality of somereligious
iconography and religious carnal imagery as a way of opening thedoor to a
clearer understanding of the use of this imagery by contemporaryartists. Eleanor
Hearney is known as a authority both nationally andinternationally for her
several books and numerous articles addressing theuse of sexuality, death and
religion in contemporary art. She is a regularcontributor to Art in America and
The New York Times.In her critique of Post Modern Heretics, Maureen Mallarky
writes:‘This book is an exploration of the carnality of the Catholic
imaginationas a way of bridging an understanding of controversial art considered
to beblasphemous or transgressive. Deep views of Catholic Spirituality informthe
very art that religious conservatives love to hate.’
Helio Fred Garcia is the
President and Founder of the crisis managementfirm Logos Consulting Group, Chair
of the Board of Directors of the Friendsof the Neuberger Museum of Art, a member
of the Associate Faculty of theStarr King School for Ministry in Berkley,
Admission per event: Member $8 Non-Member $12

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