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Collaborative Concepts seeks proposals for Saunders' Farm Project


After an extremely successful exhibition last season, Collaborative
Concepts has been invited by Sandy Saunders to create an exhibition of outdoor
art on his 140 acre historic farm on Old Albany Post Road in Garrison for 2007.
COLLABORATIVE CONCEPTS is a not-for-profit arts organization, which has
presented exhibitions at four different sites over the past 7 years. Technical
support is provided by the Putnam Arts Council, Joyce Picone, Executive
Members of the exhibition committee for the Saunders' Farm Project
include: Herman Roggeman, Sheilah Rechtschaffer, Robert Brush, Nancy Bauch, Eric
Arctander, Sarah Haviland, Thomas Faulkner and Kirsten Kucer

Proposal Due Date: Postmark 31 March
Response to Proposals: 30
April via your e-mail (please include your address).
Installation Period: 23
July to 25 August. Artists will have 24/7 access during this period.
not installed by the conclusion of the Installation Period will not be
Opening Reception: Saturday 1 September 2-6pm (Rain Date: Sunday
2 September).
Mid Run Reception: Saturday 6 October (Rain Date: Sunday 7
Close of Exhibition: Tuesday 31 October, with a seasonally
appropriate closing.

Removal of Art: 12 November.
Saunders' Farm is located on the historic earthen highway
of the original route between New York City and Albany. Entering through the
main gate one passes the 18th century farm house and working out-buildings. The
property begins with rolling pastures and culminates on a majestic ridge with
360 degree views of the Hudson Highlands. Black Angus cattle roam free. Sites
for art range from intimate woody glens to open fields and dramatic large scale
expanses defined by stone farm walls and forest.

To present a proposal you are first required to visit the
site. Please make arrangements with a C.C. contact person.

YOUR ART: You may propose art of any size or medium.
However, the art must be "cow friendly": the cattle live here, so nothing that
they could trip over or in (no holes), or harm themselves by bumping into (no
sharp edges), or become trapped or entangled in (no cables) will be accepted.
Your art must also be “cow resistant”. The cattle are very curious about new
events in their environment. They will examine, push, bump, knock over art. Your
art cannot be made of fragile materials. Protecting such art is virtually
impossible; think of them as massive SUV’s. Such art must not be accessible to
them either sited where they do not range or significantly above their heads
Weather must also be a consideration- rain and extremely high winds are
common in the Hudson Highlands. Your art must be structurally sound and
anchored. Grass can grow quite high on this working farm. Mowing is not done on
Collaborative Concepts schedule/ Because of the aforementioned site conditions,
C.C. can assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for your art. We have learned that cows and
weather rule and, in fact, that has become a condition of the art that can be
THE CONCLUSION OF THE EXHIBITION; i.e. all materials must be removed. Grass will
grow back and is not a condition of this clause.

Site specific art is encouraged. The committee will make
every effort to secure your desired space. The committee has the final
determination as to the selection and placement of the art. Collaborative
Concepts recognizes that art is a creative process and that artists may wish to
modify or change their art during the course of this project. However all such
modifications and changes must be approved by the curators."
Please notify
C.C. if any modifications or changes are considered. Works of art that are not
approved by the curators will be removed from the site (your deposit will be
applied to the removal). Every effort will be made to assist you in the
installation of your art through collaboration with other artists. However,
installation is the responsibility of the artist.


Your proposal may be in any format.
Mail proposals to:
Collaborative Concepts
126 Bryant Pond Road
Putnam Valley, N.Y.
Fax to: 845-528-0026E-mail/jpeg attachments to:
please call: Herman Roggeman: 845-265-3945
Eric Arctander: 845-528-1797

There are no fees to participate in the exhibition. All
art must be funded independently. Collaborative Concepts does not fund art. The
art is not insured by Collaborative Concepts. Collaborative Concepts
accepts no responsibility for damage to the art by whatever cause.
Collaborative Concepts will create and print an announcement card; each artist
will receive a limited number. Collaborative Concepts will issue press releases
and advertise locally. Artists may create their own publicity with text
approved by the committee. A commission of 30% to Collaborative Concepts
is expected on all sales from the exhibition.

Collaborative Concepts is pleased to announce that we
have formed a partnership for this exhibition with The Studio, Armonk,
Westchester which is also a not-for-profit, non-membership, 501c3 organization.
Artists who have shown with C.C. or are part of this year’s Farm Project have
the opportunity to exhibit in The Studio’s sculpture garden. Selected artists
from The Studio will participate in the Farm Project. The Studio exhibition will
run for one year~ opening Saturday,
8 September one week after our opening.
To participate in The Studio exhibition call their curator, John Pindyk-Miller
at 845-279-8976.

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