Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TrueNorth Theatre Project's staged readings in April

The TrueNorth Theatre Project will be holding two staged readings of Rounding Third by Richard Dresser. The readings will be presented on Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21 at 7:30pm on both evenings at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries at 199 Main St.

The story of two mismatched "Little League Dads" with opposing philosophies
toward competition and success, Rounding Third is a comedy about parenthood and
America's cultural values.

Playwright Richard Dresser began writing Rounding Third when his son's Little
League coach suggested that a slower player fake an injury as part of the team's
strategy for winning. "I was horrified," Dresser wrote in an Introduction to the
play. "Is this how our children are being trained to deal with competition? How
many future Enrons are brewing on our Little League fields and in our school
gyms under the watchful eyes of over-zealous coaches? What about building
character and encouraging fair play? Or are such notions laughable in this
country at this point in history? At that moment I knew that I had to write
Rounding Third."

TrueNorth Theatre Project was founded in February of 2005 by professional
actors, writers and designers who wanted to bring theatre to their own
backyard. The co-founders are Brad Bellamy and Suzanna Hay of Beacon, Lynn
Hawley and Michael Heintzman of Cold Spring, Kurt Rhoads and Nance Williamson of Garrison and resident designer David Birn of Cold Spring. The company has
been performing staged readings at various venues in and around Beacon and
Garrison. They will be producing an original festival of short plays this
Fall with their 1st Annual River Play Festival. All plays will embrace the
theme “river.” The contest attracted works from 76 playwrights from around
the country with three being chosen as winners. The other four plays were
commissioned by TrueNorth and were written by celebrated playwrights, John
Pielmeier (Agnes of God), Irene O’Garden (Women on Fire), Quincy Long (Lively
Lad, Joy of Going Somewhere Definite) and resident playwright Michael Heintzman.

For more details on the readings, please email True North at

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