Saturday, May 19, 2007

May's Second Saturday in images

May's Second Saturday events brought out all sorts last week.

Homespun's anniversary picnic.

We Started the evening at Homespun's Foods first anniversary celebration where artist Gary O'Connor's band Chicken Bone Beach played.

Christopher Staples' opening at bau.

Fovea Exhibitions Beacon Gallery

From bau, I met up with A. at Fovea Exhibition Beacon Gallery for the inaugural opening there. We then crossed the street to get some ice cream at the Beacon Creamery. While munching on our cones on the street, we met Laura Mott as she was installing a mailbox outside of the Creamery. Mott's graduate thesis exhibit at the Center Curatorial Studies at Bard College "Come on Pilgrim: A 110 Mile Exhibition" is comprised of various site specific, and many experiential pieces located between Tivoli and Brooklyn. The mailbox Mott installed outside of the Creamery is part of a story based piece by Marcy Freedman. One may pick up a copy of the story can be removed from the box and read as one walks to Quinn's Luncheonette (please return the story to the box after having your experience.) I imagine the piece will be available to experience through May 27.

The "mailbox" outside of the Beacon Creamery as part of the 110 Mile Exhibition.

Kathy Feighery with visitors in her studio.

We then headed down to Spire for the open studios, and exhibition by gallery attendants at Dia:Beacon. The crowd for this gathering filled with many new faces was skewed decidedly younger than the usual cast of old artfarts that inhabit Beacon's scene.

The hallway at Spire.

Installation by Chris Gay in his studio.

We cut out relatively early - being the crochety old farts that we are - so we missed out on the revelry that was to commence later that night at Spire and the Piggy Bank.

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