Sunday, June 24, 2007

Elizabeth Winchester has a not-so-secret admirer

Paul Smart, of the Almanac Weekly is smitten with bau member Elizabeth Winchester, and I think it might be serious.
In an
article on the Beacon Art Scene from last June, Smart refers to her work as "stunningly beautiful."
Later, Winchester is quoted in an Oct. '06 article titled "
Not just a summer fling."
I certainly hope that there is some reciprocity to this affection, because such scenarios can easily step into the realm of stalking. Smart's latest love letter comes in the form of an article on the current printmaking exhibit at bau, (organized by Winchester) and the related panel discussion that is happening today at 4pm at the Howland Center.

Prints princess

...Thank heaven for Elizabeth Winchester, the former San Francisco-based artist
whose work with various organizations and institutions up ans down the Valley
has done so much not only to keep everyone's spirit up in recent years, but
whose enthusiasm (and own great art, in various forms) has helped spur something
akin to a one woman renaissance worthy of such mention. In a new show
at bau, the beacon artist union cooperative of which she is one of eight key
members, Winchester's latest Big Push takes form down via a series of exhibits,
panel discussions and other events all happening under the moniker Fresh

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