Saturday, June 16, 2007

A few images from Second Saturday, June 2007

Last week's Second Saturday line up of happenings were blessed with great weather which resulted in what felt like one of the more bustling, well attended installments of the monthly event.

I wasn't able to make it around to many places during the day, but here are a few images of things I did see - primarily a few spaces at the Beacon Studios, and the opening at the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh. I will be posting more images later this weekend on the maykr flickr page. Angelika posted images on her
blog of some of the gallery goers attending the opening reception at the Ann Street Gallery. Stacey Ward Kelly's website has images from the installation of Rick Price's mural at the Howland Public Library, and other studios.

Suspended pieces in Will Walker's studio at Beacon Studios.

Elia Gurna's Studio at Beacon Studios.
Flying Swine's reading of "Inventing Van Gogh"

Kirsten Kucer's installation at Beacon Studios

Peter Iannarelli installation in his space at Beacon Studios.

Richard Bruce's studio at Beacon Studios.

Opening Reception at Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh.

Eleanor White at Ann Street Gallery.

Installation of Bo Gehring's 60' long sculpture in the gym at Beacon Studios.

Carol March and Shannon Murphy's shared space at Beacon Studios.

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