Friday, July 27, 2007

"Name That Collection Of Artist Studios Formerly Known As Bulldog Studios" Contest!

As of late, I have found myself occasionally referring Beacon Studios as Bulldog, which I'm sure is some sort of violation of trademark. I notice that I'm not the only one either. I've heard many folks (even a few residents) roll back to the more engrained moniker in conversation, and there are still many people coming to maykr via searches for Bulldog Studios.

Like it or not, the Bulldog name was concise, and singularly identifying. 'Beacon Studios' has neither of those attributes, nor does it truly capture the imagination. Not only does it consist of 5 syllables, there is no neat manner of abbreviating it to the 2-syll format which has continued to be all the rage in upwardly hip enclaves around the nation; ala SOHO, or, as I heard someone describe our area, NOBRO - I guess anything north of The Bronx.

Ok, perhaps you could craft BEaSTUD, or 'CONUDIO. Or if it can't be shortened, perhaps a nice anagram is in order. Bios Outdances sounds very avant to me.

The artist/tenants at the old high school building have much on their plate in working to secure their place in the building, and and certainly the name of the joint is probably the least of their worries.

So to that end, we here a maykr would like to announce the "Name That Collection of Artist Studios Formerly Known As Bulldog Studios" Contest!

If you have an idea you'd like to enter, please deposit it in the comments section of this post, or email us at .

I'm not sure what you can win yet....but that'll be worked out in good time. Really.

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