Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Weekend Last Weeken

Second Saturday is coming up, and I'll be posting info bit by bit on the shows that will be opening this weekend.

We missed Thomas Doyle's opening at Go North last weekend we were at the Martin Creed opening at Bard's Hessel Museum.

Later that evening, we watched Martin rock the Speigel Tent to a house made up largely of Super Seniors. There was an amusing trio of Golden Girls sitting together that seemed particularly incredulous about the performance. We were laughing as we watched them laugh in disbelief at what they were listening to. The scene reminded me of my favorite Citibank commercial with two older women on a couch channeling hillbilly male voices talking about motorbikes. "Sheeoot, them bikes sound good coz they free!"
Toward the end, one poor woman of the three seemed to be suffering badly from a headache, but the other two continued laughing, with the one in the center even singing along to the final song of the set in which Martin counts from 1 to 100 (I don't know the title of the piece.)

Martin and his two band mates kicked off the encore with a piece in which he counts from 101 to 200. I find that Martin's music crystallizes many of the elements in his work in a way that doesn't happen so readily for me in the "things" he makes.

The performance was loud and fun. I wish I had taken photos.

The July 12 edition of the NYTimes includes a review of the Creed show by Roberta Smith. There is a slide show of images from the exhibit on the Times website.

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