Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 9, 2008: Second Saturday revisited in pictures

A definition of the deal at Hermitage.

Our Saturday evening started off when Todd Spire stopped by for dinner. We haven't seen Todd much lately and we had an enoyable time reminiscing about the bounty of rapscallions and eccentrics who have come and gone and come and stayed the recent history of the true life embodiment of Northern Exposure that is Beacon, NY.
We as usual, we weren't able to make it everywhere last night, and we called it a night well before the Next Step party, but I'm sure Open Space's blog will have images of the fete when they recover from it. Below are images of what we were able to get to.

Above and below: bau's group show of members and friends.

Erica Hauser has set up shop for one week and one week only to service all of your valentine's day needs with a selection of cookies, cupcakes and lovely art items by a bevy of friends. The temporary shop is in Go North's former space at 469 Main, and will be open 3-6pm, and bit later on VD eve.Jennifer Mackewiecz and Margaret McDuffy at Dan McCormack's exhibit at Go North.

The youngest of the Youngs at Go North.

Above and below: Matt Simone's work at Zahra Studio.Lights out at VanBrunt Gallery. Although you may not see it in this shot through the window, there was a sizeable crowd viewing David Rothenberg's "Why Birds Sing."

It was a night of moving pictures as VanBrunt, Open Space, and Hermitage all had film or video screenings.

Collabortive work by Jon Beacham and Kensee Duffy at Hermitage.

K. Duffy's typed manuscript of Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury."

Jon Beacham queing up the film for the screening of one of his silent shorts.

Above and below: awaiting the intimate screening at Hermitage. The ever dapper Robert Brush below.

Jeff Caramanga, who will be exhibiting at Go North in March, was out rehearsing for the Hat Parade coming up in May. Todd Spire is prancing about in the rear.

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