Monday, February 04, 2008

The Long Un-winding Road

It had been a while since I last saw the phenomenon, but as I made a quick run to Key Food yesterday for some oil to fry up my Mama's Best Ever Onion Rings (tm) for the Super Bowl, I witnessed it again: A threesome of visitors, Italians by my estimation, had made their way up to Main St. from Dia and had gotten to that nearly-midway point in the street's considerable length where many, sensing nothing else worth seeing, turn back. (I consider this to be Beacon's version of the Horse Latitudes -the point where one's momentum lags after already walking for 20 minutes and it's not clear that you'll find anything else of interest along this path.) When I noticed them, their pace had already become visably slow and pointless. Even from behind you could see what they were thinking, as if illustrated by real life thought bubbles; "Is this all there is?"
I left the store and mailed some postcards behind the post office and on my way back I saw that the small group had indeed turned around, and at an increased pace were beatin' feet back to the train station never knowing of all the charms of Main Street's East End.

Perhaps it really is the expectation of a destination and not the love of the journey that drives the soul forward. Just keep in mind that when you finally get there, you may have a long way back to the train.


Zach Rodgers said...

how about posting a couple small signs of encouragement to poles and trees along the way: "hang in there stranger. good coffee & art in 8 blocks." I suppose Quinn's might take issue with the remark.

cralbert said...

I can see where some pole mounted maps or signs could be helpful. Perhaps a couple simple kiosks located at various parts of Main St.