Thursday, April 10, 2008

Second Saturday, April 2008

Oh but for a wee bit more time. I always feel like I'm trying to catch up with time, and the emails I receive. Here I am squoozing out a post before I rush off to work.
Alas, it's again time for Second Saturday and more goings on in town. Here's a cursory preview:

bau is opening it's 40th exhibit on Saturday, with another take on the group show which has become de riguer for the space. Birds + Bees is the name of the exhibit work by Jane Blake Gary Jacketti, Tom Holmes, Grey Zeien and Lisa Zukowski.

RiverWinds will be exhibiting nature photography by Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Go North is showing i against i : an exhibition of paintings by Chris Bors. This weekend's Poughkeepsie Journal Enjoy section has a question and answer with Chris Bors about his work.
Here's a link to the write up at the POJO new disorienting blog-like website .

Open Space is hosting a benefit exhibit of a multitude of examples of the hot new fetish item: Tote Bags. Canvas tote bags modified, manipulated, poked, prodded, pricked and painted by a multitude of artists will be on exhibit and available for purchase. Open Space has asked 125 artists from hither and yon submit a bag. All proceeds will benefit
Clearwater. Here is a list of participating artists, images of the bags will be posted on the Open Space website when the exhibit opens, and they will be available to purchase through the website.
Hermitage will be opening an exhibition of selected books, broadsides and printed ephemera from the Auerhahn Press 1958-1965. Reception from 6-10.
Zahra's Studio is opening an exhibit called ShadowLands featuring work by Nicole Monforti & Keila Sone.

Hedina Christener is exhibiting a selection of paintings and drawings at Mt Beacon Fine Art.
Most of these exhibits will run through May 4.

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