Saturday, April 05, 2008

On view tonight

There's an opening reception tonight at VanBrunt Gallery from 6-9pm. New work by Gabe Brown, Juan Garcia Nunez and Peter Gergely will be on view through April 28.

Also, Jeff Caramegna's exhibit at Go North has been extended through this weekend. I dropped into Jeff's studio at Spire last week where he's got several more wildlife paintings in progress including another multi panel shark piece that's is larger, and I feel more striking than the piece in the gallery. Many of the works I saw in the studio are pieces that Jeff has been working on for years and they're definitely coming into their own. As I posted earlier, I really like the work that's up at Go North, but I was tripping even more on the stuff he's working on now, like the giant pixel disco snake and a nearly day-glo gorilla. If I get a chance to sneak back in, I'll try to catch some snapshots.

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