Saturday, July 05, 2008

Electric Windows on Cool

Cool is a site that culls together all that is cool in the realms of art, design architecture, cuisine and more. In the form of blog posts and short nicely produced videos, Cool Hunting shares work being created by many visionary folks. I have long subscribed to the video podcast feed via itunes, and consider it a treat when the new weekly installment arrives. The most recent video posted today highlights the Electric Windows event from this past May. I've embedded the video here, but I definitely suggest visiting the site, and subscribing to the videos. It's a nugget of goodness delivered straight to your computer. I don't doubt that I'll be pulling some Eye Candy Friday material from Cool Hunting at some point.

On another Electric Windows note, I spent a little time over at Beacon High School this past semester, speaking with some of the art students about the other windows based art project in Beacon, Windows on Main St. Two of the windows in the WOMS project in August will be created by two teams of students. On one of my visits shortly after the Electric Windows ocurred, I was informed by the art teacher, Diane Mikula, that the students were abuzz about the event and that of all the different art events that have taken place around town, this one more than any other really resonated with the students.

So, congratulations to Jeff and Nicole at Beacon Art Supply and Dan and Kalene at Open Space as well as Bill Erlich and Beacon Terminals Associates for making this happen.

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