Friday, July 04, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Art's special purpose & I want to be LB when my bones begin to loose their mass

For your holiday weekend viewing pleasure, we have a preview of the Louise Bourgeois retrospective that opened last week at the Guggenheim. James Kalm has posted a two part walk through of the retrospective and it's gotten me super jazzed to see it. Enjoy
Part 1:

Here is part 2 of James Kalm's LB at the Gugg.

The Bourgeois exhibit, in form, ties in nicely with what would have been my selection for Eye Candy Friday last week, had I had time to pass it along:
Art Boobs. Art Boobs is a blog that chronicles the various depictions of the boob(ie) in art through the ages, and it comes to us via C-Monster, which is itself/herself a tireless form of eye candy everyday - and an informative one at that. Thanks to C-Monster, I learned that those weren't really christmas trees Santa was cradling. I spoke briefly with C-M at the ArtBloggers talk in April about the brilliance of Paul McCarthy's work which isn't just use of sheep butt plugs and other "dirty" forms but it is in his direction of a conversation among conservators and academics around the nuances of butt plugs as they work diligently to classify and preserve our cultural heritage.
Now, It seems that I still tend to have a Candide-like view of the world, but not until I read about the butt plug conservation panel as relayed by C-M did I have any idea that those things were anything but trees. I saw them as a more streamlined form of tree; a gesture of a tree, if you will. So I take comfort in the knowledge that I can still learn much about all the wonderous things I have yet to come to comprehend in this wonderous world.
Happy Birthday America! and Happy Eye Candy Friday!

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