Monday, September 08, 2008

The Art Handler's Ball - volunteers needed

Jill Reynolds has stepped up to coordinate a volunteer crew that can prepare and install the Peace Pals Postcard Exhibit. Some 3500 postcards created by children from around the world are going to be on exhibit in storefronts along Beacon's Main St from Sept 13-28.

To that end, Jill is planning a mega art handler party - a party so mega, that it will traverse two evenings and a Saturday morning.
Volunteers are needed to help mount the postcards on foamcore boards, then install them in the storefronts. The work party is planned to take place in Beacon on the evenings of Thursday Sept 11 and Friday Sept 12, and if needed, Saturday morning.

If you have some time and would like to help out, email me at info (at), and I'll pass along the vital information.
I'd imagine that the skill set required is not so high that the average concientious citizen that can level a line and who has a working knowledge of Velcro would be prevented from helping out. The more the merrier.
If the party gets out of hand, remember that friends don't let friends hang artwork drunk.

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