Friday, September 05, 2008

Eye Candy Friday: Giacometti's Nose out on Exit 5

It's been awhile, but one of the treats Tyler Green bestows upon his readers occasionally is his series of posts on visual rhymes shared by different art pieces.
I felt certain that I had the perfect rhyme to a work of art right across the river in Orange County, and I ached for the opportunity to photograph it and send it along to Tyler the next time he made a call for readers' rhyme submissions. This wonder of nature I'd long since marvelled at was a chipped, rusted segment on the North side of the I-84 overpass at Exit 5 near Montgomery, NY that conveyed not some dubiously oozing shadow-likeness of Christ or Mary, but rather, that of the more refined vision of Alberto Giacometti's sculpture, the Nose.
I finally took that photograph last November. It seems my mind completed this rhyme much more profoundly than the true relationship proves to be and looking at them together, I see the rhyme is a bit forced. Indeed, my overpass discovery has more of the gesture of a Muppet in profile, than the surreal terror of Giacometti's piece, but I will continue to feel The Nose whenever I have to head out that way to pick up a Penske truck.

Albert Giacometti, The Nose. via

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amazing. just mindblowing.