Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb 22, 2009 in Beacon: Lynne Cooke conversation with Zoe Leonard & Panel Talk at Van Brunt Gallery, which will be streamed live via MAYKRvision

Tomorrow at 12:30 at Dia:Beacon, Lynne Cooke will be in conversation with Zoe Leonard as part of the museum's Conversation series. Leonard's You See I am Here After All will be on exhibit through September 7, 2009. The talk is free with museum admission, however if you haven't made reservations already, I'm not sure you'll be able to get in on it.....The Merce Cunningham Dance Company is holding another duece of Events this weekend, but if you didn't grab up tickets some time ago, you're definitely s.o.l.

Another talk happening tomorrow is the panel talk on the expanding role of the artist in the 21 Century. The panel is happening at 3pm at Van Brunt Gallery. The subject of the talk is particularly timely considering the shifting state of the global economy, and that farting gash that has vented much of the hot air out of the artworld's bubble which has prompted speculation on the charactar of an altered artistic ecology that may shake out of the change.
The panel talk will be streamed online right here at MAYKR tomorrow, so you'll still be able to catch it if you can't make it in person - and you won't necessarily need to wear pants. Online viewers will be able to comment live during the discussion, and, if I'm on top of everything, questions will be relayed to the participating panelists:
Amy Lipton Curator, Ecoartspace NY

Joseph Meisel Program Officer,
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Brian Wallace Curator,
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz
Beth E. Wilson Writer and Art Critic,
Professor, SUNY New Paltz

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