Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The weekend that was..

Friday night: From Left to right, Tom Wolf, Sara Pasti, Beth E. Wilson and Brian Wallace giving acknowledgements for the exhibits at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art.

I did more socializing this week than my hermititious self is equipped to deal with naturally.

The whirlwind started on Friday Evening at the Samuel Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz.

Peter Iannarelli's work at the Dorsky.

Bradford Graves at the Dorsky Museum.

Steve Rossi's gum casting material.

On Saturday afternoon, I was back in the Habitat at Van Brunt Gallery, conversing with
Steve Rossi (he has a new website) and watching him cast chewed bubble gum. Later that evening I stopped into Fovea in the middle of a talk given by Anthony Suau whose work is on exhibit. One day earlier, one of Suau's images was named as the World Press Photo of the Year for 2009.
Beacon was very much the global village all day as international types converged on the city for various events like the panel discussion on Burma at Mt Beacon Fine Art. I spoke a bit Isreali born Avner Levinson is exhibiting his sculptures at the Iron Fish Gallery. Go North was awash with Estonians of every shape and size, inlcuding various members of the Estonian Press for Marko Maetamm's opening at the gallery. Here's the Go North tv segment produced by Estonian National Broadcasting.

Avner Levinson's sculpture at Iron Fish Gallery.

Marko Maetamm's opening night at Go North and Erica Hauser's Valentine's Day Cupcake extravaganza just next door.

One of Jill Reynold's pieces at Sunday's opening reception for For the Love of Art in Peekskill.

A crush of people made their way down to the Hat Factory in Peekskill for the opening of For the Love of Art. It was a mob scene for a while, and I saw several of the same folks I saw in the previous two evenings, along with a lot of strangers. A highlight of the reception might have been the band kickin out jazzy intrumental renditions of power pop hits from the Eighties, like Eye of the Tiger and many other favs I can't remember.
I'll be posting more images shortly.....which reminds me, I'm several months behind on updating the flickr page. Everything in due time.

It's a snowflake at the Hudson Fisheries Trust on Saturday night.

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