Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exercising faith in unexpected places; Hermitage, Peter Iannarelli at kork, and visions outside of a Boston video store

On the board of kork: Peter Iannarelli, Untitled

The holidays that have just passed and a bit of ruminating on Peter Iannarelli's work currently on view at kork, in Poughkeepsie through April 30 have all had me considering notions of the search for meaning and communion, and the difference among people in recognizing whether they've found it in such a way as to suit their souls.
A wheat-paste Peek-A-Boo Jesus by Maki105 placed on a wall outside of a video store in Boston earlier this month had folks falling to their knees. I first caught wind of this, courtesy of Hrag Vartanian.
On his blog, Will Hubbard chronicles the rosy patch of enlightenment he found on a recent pilgrimage to Hermitage.
These are small, but parallel items that give me an added context in which to hawk Iannarelli's recasting of his Untitled work of 2007 for the environment of the kork space in the offices of Bailey Browne CPA and Associates.
Given the pencil snapping pressure this season of tax bears as a gift under its arm every year, a genuine photocopy of Iannarelli's fully customizable correspondence with the God of one's own making could be wonderfully suitable for that loved one ready to make a deal with the powers that be.
Just shoot us an email to kork[at]maykr[dot]com with the subject line: "let's talk" before April 30th, include your mailing address in the body of the email, and we'll send you your very own copy, straight from Poughkeepsie!
Check out the
press release for more details.

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