Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Reeling it in: March bookended

My virtual desk is piled high and spilling over with items I've meant to post, but have missed, like the slide slam that was held last night (March 31) at the Rosendale Theater. The slide slam was sponsored by the Women's Studio Workshop and consisted of 20 artists, some of whom are currently visiting artists in residence at WSW and others selected by three guest curators (Brian Wallace, Emily Putoff, Mimi Graminski ) and who each had 5 minutes to show and discuss their artwork. Deb Davidowits, Peter Iannarelli and Simon Draper were among the participating artists which also included Tricia Wright, Arthur Hash, Itty Neuhaus-Schuck, Anat Shiftan, Rena Leinberger, Jennifer Swenson, Elena Sniezak, Joy Taylor, Johanne Renbeck, Bibiana Huang Matheis, Tilly Strauss, Mimi Graminski, Emily Puthoff, Ellen Kucera Amanda Kalinoski and Ruth Wetzel. By the accounts I've received, it was a real whirlwind.
Earlier in the Month, (March 7) a trip down down to the city was bookended by visits to Pulse, which had a bunch of art, most of which I didn't have the energy to see, and a visit to Volta, which I enjoyed more.
I headed down to the Habitat for Artists installation at Ecoartspace project space in SOHO....HFA has also gotten recent attention online at Daily, Shedworking, and a video interview with Chuck Leavell on the Mother Nature Network.

From SOHO, I headed up to the Art Blogger panel discussion at Denise Bibro Fine Art. The panel was organized by Olympia Lambert, was moderated by Joanne Mattera, and was populated by Hrag Vartanian, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof, Bill Gusky and Brent Burket. The panel discussion was held as part of the Blogpix exhibit at the Bibro's Platform Project Space. The talk offered me the opportunity to finally meet Martin Bromirski in person. Martin has the distinction of a: maintaining an entertaining, photo laden blog for several years without actually having a computer of his own, and b: being defriended by Jerry Saltz on Facebook. Martin introduced me to Bill Gusky who upon learning I'm from Beacon said "Oh, so you get to visit Dia anytime you want." "Yeah" I said, "it's great." "Actually, I was being sarcastic." oh.
above: Sharon Butler's work, below: that of Steven Alexander included in the Blogpix show.


Anonymous said...

I guess I was being kind of flaky, but I love Dia Beacon. If I lived nearby I'd be there frequently. Sorry to have conveyed otherwise. This is a cool blog! Rock on - B

cralbert said...

No worries, Bill. I didn't internalize any type of slight. I thought it was very funny.

How to Sell Art Online said...

It looks like you've been visiting some interesting places. thanks for the photos! Great to see a little of what you've seen.