Friday, March 04, 2011

All Talk All The Time

I have, in recent weeks, been treated to and participated in an awful lot of talking.
Matthew Slaats and I are on the verge of launching our weekly art oriented radio program for Vassar College's radio station, 91.3 WVKR, which will also be available in podcast form.  The Dead Hare Radio Hour (our show) is responsible for a majority of this talkto which I've been privy...and that part for which it has not been responsible, I'm sure it will find a way to usurp in some way.

Here's a little rundown of what I've heard, and what you may end up hearing through the radio show:

Lori Grinker (left) with Sabine Meyer at Fovea

Feb 12 - Stephanie Heimann & Lori Grinker @ Fovea:  Lori Grinker gave a talk relating to her current exhibit of photos of Iraqi refugees at Fovea.  I interviewed both Stephanie and Lori.

Feb 15 - A triple header @ Vassar:  Matthew and I conversed while walking through the 150 years Later exhibit at the Francis Lehman Loeb Art Center.  While there we happened upon, and interviewed,  Katherine Newbegin, whose work, along with Tina Barney and Tim Davis, is featured in the show.  Tina Barney gave a talk on her career.  Ira Glass gave a talk and schooled a standing room only crowd on making radio and crafting compelling narrative (particularly timely for me.)

Feb 16 - Peter Iannarelli and Jill Reynolds came over to Kamp Maykr for sustenance and satisfying conversation as part of Angelika's Hole In The Head "salon" series.

Feb 21 - My first solo DHRH interview via Skype with Carolina Miranda.  A real treat, and a great way to get auger in this new interview based vocation.

Feb 22 - Matthew and I interviewed (also via Skype) Duncan McKenzie of Bad At Sports.  Lots of fun.  Plus, our talk with Duncan  inspired us to create and deploy (out of necessity) our first show "feature" which we'll calling the "Duncan McKenzie Working Blue Profanity To Sound Effect Conversion Chart" - we will be on drive time radio after all.  When needed for reference, the chart will be available on the DHRH site.

Feb 23 - I sat in on a talk at Bard CCS by Debra Singer, outgoing Executive Director of The Kitchen on the topic of archiving performance and art events.  The Kitchen is planning a 40th Anniversary Exhibit of selections of its archive...sometime this Summer.

Angelika and Peter on the couch at last night's talk.

March 2 - Peter Iannarelli and Angelika Rinnhofer spoke as part of a series of talks organized by the Beacon Art Salon at the Beahive.  Aesthetics and meaning in the context of contemporary art was the theme of the talk.....and I imagine I'll find a way of getting audio from that onto the air.

So much for the past, here's a bit of what's coming up:

March 5 @ 11 am - Jill Reynolds is giving a talk in Pawling, NY on her work and the work of other artists who are inspired by and use scientific concepts in their work.  This talk is held in conjunction with Jill being a 2010 DCAC Fellow.

March 12 - Small Talk (4 or 4:30ish).  A table top discussion at Hudson Beach Glass as part of the Small exhibit on view there now.  I'll be participating, and likely trying to record it.

Apr 9 - Fovea will be holding a panel discussion as part of Lori Grinker's exhibit.  Fovea is hoping to raise funds to bring one of the refugees, a young man named Ali, from TX to Beacon for the talk.  They could use some help making this trip happen financially.  If you'd like to assist, please visit the website to find out how to help.

That's it for now.  More is coming up.  I just needed to share this sliver of my last 2 or 3 weeks.  Remember, Dead Hare Radio Hour....coming soon.

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