Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jill Reynolds talk, March 5, 2011

In May 2010, an  episode of Science Friday, in its recurring Science Diction feature, included a story about how in the 1830's, William Whewell,  a Cambridge historian and philosopher of science coined the term scientist, to characterize the "men" who followed that pursuit.  In making the case for this new word, Whewell cited the word artist as a model of the use of the affix 'ist' to describe one as a general "cultivator" of a discipline. 

Last Saturday, (March 5) 2010 Dutchess County Arts Council, Friends of the Great Swamp (FrOGS) and the Oblong Land Conservancy hosted a broad and very informative talk given by 2010 DCAC fellow Jill Reynolds at Trinity Pawling.  The two part talk centered on the interface between art and science.  In the first part, Jill highlighted a selection of artists who have been either inspired by science or utilize scientific methods, materials or procedures in the creation of their work.  The second part of the talk focused on Jill's own work and the role that science plays in it.
I recorded Jill's talk and expect to have some form of it uploaded online in the next couple of weeks.  When I do, you'll be able to see it here on MAYKR. 

After the talk the gathered crowd adjourned to the Gallery on the Green in central Pawling where Jill's selections of Jill's work is currently on view.

I dig this tiny picture of Jill.  It makes her look like the mad scientist madly at work.

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