Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dead Hare Radio wants your review: Robert Whitman's Passport

If you have an inclination to view Robert Whitman's Passport this weekend, you'll have to head down to New Jersey; the Beacon portion of this simultaneous two-city performance is sold out.  There seem to be tickets available to view the work from Montclair, though.  The work will be performed tonight and tomorrow at 8pm.
Those of us here at MAYKR and our sister media outlet, The Dead Hare Radio Hour, will not be able to experience the work, but we are interested in hearing responses from those who were able to witness it.

If you're attending Passport and wish to share your reaction to it, give us a call on the Dead Hare Hotline:  (480) 442-7311
Give us a 15 or 30 second review...or leave your information so we can speak about it in the near future.
You can also leave us an email at deadhareradio at or leave a comment here or over on the Dead Hare blog.

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