Thursday, April 21, 2011

Observing the Loss of two carriers of our sight onto the world.

Our friends at Fovea are among those mourning the deaths of two photojournalists in Libya yesterday.  Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington died yesterday after when a mortar hit a group of international journalists traveling with rebel soldiers in Misrata, Libya.  According to the Wall Street Journal, another photographer, Guy Stevens, along with seven rebel fighters and a Ukranian physician were also killed in the attack.  Initially, Hondros had injured in the attack and died later in the day.Another photographer, Guy Stevens was injured and in stable condition.

Devestating news of the death of Tim Hetherington in Libya today, and prayers for Chris Hondros: 

hearts are heavy across the photo community today..some of Chris's photos filed earlier today... 

 As can be seen in the second twitter link above, Hondros had filed photos of rebel fighters making fighting and moving through and occupying building earlier in the day.
Chris Hondros' work, along with that of Todd Heisler and Suzanne Opton was featured in Fovea's second exhibition entitled, It's Our War,  in 2007 and all three photographers partook in a panel discussion held in conjunction with the exhibit.

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