Friday, June 03, 2011

Eye Candy Friday: Non Chala la lance

In the art world there are those individuals who knowingly strive to achieve the look of disaffected insouciance and naivete in their work.  There are also those who, though not ignorant of the art world, are untrained, and uninterested in, transmitting the coded language and signifiers of the the art world mechanisms in their artwork.  These folks, are labled "outsider", or "visionary" artists.  To those on the inside, these folks, revered as they are, are "other."  Then, of course, there are those who embarrassingly self identify as a visionary artist as a form of marketing hook, hoping to distinguish themselves and gain status on the inside.  (Aside:  it seems, in most cases, that to qualify as a visionary artist one, if a man, must sport long flowing locks - a rat tail or mullet earns bonus points - and some sort of mystical, wizardy facial hair.  Female visionary artists seem to need to take the form of a medieval wench or middle eastern harlot.

But for today's installment of ECF, we honor the true, the un-self conscious expression of the individual.
In this spirit of making the distinction between the construct of an affected look and the natural intuitive impulse that embodies a certain look, we present to you Accidental Chinese Hipsters, a newly started blog that examines the very definition of insouciance at work in its own environment.

 (photo by Andreas Vagelatos), via Accidental Chinese Hipsters

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