Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Out of Noise, Let There Be Signal

...Or perhaps, let us gather our signals to produce a little noise.
 Or, more likely, that which we create and consider to be signal, may well be just noise for anyone else.

In any case, this week's Dead Hare Radio Hour episode marks our three month anniversary of producing the show.  If you've missed any of the shows, don't worry.  This week, we're playing all of the previous 11 show - simultaneously - so you can get caught up real quick.

If, by chance, you want to listen to any of the shows individually, you may do so on the Dead Hare Radio website, or download them via iTunes. You can also click on the title of this post to listen to the show.


1 comment:

Angelika Rinnhofer said...

show 12 is brilliant. incomprehensible art talk. congrats! you guys are awesome and i admire you for continuing this demanding endeavor.